7 Reasons Why Hauliers Choose a Mandata TMS

Selecting the right software fuels your business’ success. Using a Transport Management System (TMS), and choosing the right provider can help your operations to deliver the best service to your customers. A long-term partnership with a software provider that you can rely on is key to performing at the best levels for your customers, but also helps to future-proof your business so you can continue to deliver at a high standard. Which is why, for nearly 50 years, hauliers across the UK have been relying on Mandata, the country’s leading TMS supplier.  

Why is Mandata the preferred choice to thousands of hauliers? 

Personalised account management from day 1 

Mandata values its customers and ensures that they receive personalized support from day one. By assigning a personalised account manager to your businesses, Mandata ensures that you and your team maximise the benefits of the software, providing continuous support and maintaining best practices. 

Help to gain or maintain a FORS accreditation 

Achieving and maintaining a FORS (Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme) accreditation is a crucial step for your business in demonstrating your commitment to industry best practices and ensuring compliance throughout your transport operations. Using a Mandata TMS in the right way, can help you to facilitate your accreditation.  

Let’s explore a few ways where Mandata can help: 

  • Maintain vehicle conditions, with MOT and servicing reminders, as well as completing daily checks on vehicles prior to drivers starting their deliveries. 
  • Rectify poor driving habits such as idling, harsh braking and harsh acceleration, through integrated tracking and telematics, helping you to recognise which of your drivers may need extra training in order to cut down on emissions. 
  • Handle customer documentation in a safe and secure way through Mandata’s cloud storage, providing quick and accessible documentation for your customers and for future audits. 
  • Reduce empty running with more flexibility through map-based planning modules to help minimise emissions by consolidating journeys helping to reduce emissions and save fuel costs.

Scalability for any sized business 

Even though Mandata provides software for the larger haulier, the majority of users of a Mandata system, actually are more small and medium sized operations. Unlike other providers on the market, Mandata offers a range of solutions to match the user’s business size, ensuring that they pay for the features they need and not for unnecessary ones. Users can also integrate various additional applications such as POD, tracking and compliance apps to provide a comprehensive range of transport systems to support their team effectively. 

Simplify compliance 

Keeping your compliance in check can be a challenge, luckily Mandata makes it easier. 

Adhering to compliance regulations in the transport industry is not only essential as it protects your business from fines and reputational damage, but also as it helps promote health and safety best practice with your workforce. Hauliers use Mandata to simplify their compliance requirements to help ease the responsibility burden it that comes with it.  

 Here is how a Mandata TMS is helping businesses like yours: 

  • React quickly to critical data such as drivers’ hours, with automatic Tacho data downloads and have live visibility of drivers’ hours to ensure their driving limits are not breached. 
  • Use scheduling tools to be notified when your vehicles are due for MOTs or services to make sure your fleet is running legally and safely. 
  • Communicate direct to drivers regarding any changes to health & safety, compliance or regulatory changes directly to drivers’ mobile phones, ensuring no one misses out on essential information. 
  • Mandata offers industry standard compliance tools, to make sure that your sector-specific work is handled in the correct and most efficient way – for example waste carriers are able to complete their environmental waste report in a matter of minutes. 
  • Using a TMS in the right way can help you attain or retain a FORS accreditation, demonstrating your commitment to prioritising industry best practices in your operations. 

Trusted by market leaders 

Mandata’s success is reflected in its customer base, with nearly 50% of Motor Transport’s Top 100 transport businesses using Mandata Group products to manage their operations. The loyalty and reliance shown by many of these businesses over decades highlight Mandata’s commitment to developing and maintaining effective and market leading systems.  

Also, by gaining the coveted ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certifications, Mandata has highlighted the commitment to combatting cyber security and protecting customer data. 

Hear why our customers recommend Mandata

Functionality to support various job types 

Finding a transport system to support your business and sector requirements can be a challenge. Many systems have a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach, which we all know just doesn’t work for hauliers in specific sectors. Luckily, Mandata supports businesses in different kinds of sectors, and have sector specific functionality to help support your operations.

Here are a few reasons why hauliers choose Mandata: 

  • Tailor Mandata’s planning system with industry-specific features, such as waste transfer notes for the waste industry, weighbridge integrations for bulk hauliers, and temperature monitoring for chilled carriers. 
  • Adhering to sector specific regulations without industry standard features can be tough and very time consuming. With waste for example, Mandata users are able to capture waste transfer notes immediately when completing a job, adhering to industry standard practice, and protecting your business through using the correct industry procedures. 
  • Mandata’s seamless integrations with various Pallet Network’s makes it so much easier for your team to utilise all your work through the networks, giving your team full visibility of what is going on within your pallet network partnerships. 
  • Mandata also offers a robust sector specific invoicing module, making sure that not only are you charging your customers in the quickest way, but also making sure that they are invoiced correctly, with no hidden costs  
  • By collating all your work in one location, it reduces the risk of mistakes, whilst also giving a real-time view of all the operations, saving your team so much time from flicking between various systems and entering duplicating data.

Customer access 

The most important part of transport is to ensure the best possible customer service, and by giving them their own access to jobs and documentation, they can actually do some of the work for you. Through Mandata’s online customer portal, customers can access documentation such as PODs and invoices, check job status updates, and receive ETAs in real-time. This eliminates the need for customers to contact the haulier’s office, making the process quicker and more efficient for everyone involved.  

In conclusion, here are just some of the main reasons why the top hauliers across the UK opt for Mandata’s TMS to help streamline their operations, enhance customer service, and secure their data. The partnership with Mandata also promises personalised support, scalability, data security, and streamlined operations, ultimately contributing to the long-term success of the haulage business.