A TMS tailored to vehicle logistics operations

Manage the full end-to-end collection and delivery process of your vehicle logistics business, with Mandata’s leading transport management system (TMS).

Vehicle Logistics
Software to manage vehicle logistics

Take the most cost-effective route to success

Streamline automotive distribution with integrated software that gives you a whole new level of control.

Build customer confidence with total consignment transparency

Customers increasingly expect to be updated regularly about how their deliveries are progressing. With automated and constant progress updates throughout the day, Mandata keeps your customers in the know, from receipt of order through to delivery, giving them peace of mind that their assets are in safe hands.

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Damage reporting, vehicle checks and ePODs

Driver apps can take photos to record the condition of vehicles or capture electronic proof of delivery (ePOD), saved to your system for you and your customers to review.

One live view of your operation

See how jobs are progressing in real time, whether they're en route or delivered, to manage exceptions more easily.

Increase cash flow with instant invoicing

Invoices created and sent via the TMS to your customers or factoring companies with all the right documentation are a great help to speed up your order-to-cash cycle.

Effortless job imports

Seamless integration with customer enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems means large order volumes can easily update to your TMS without adding to your workload.

Maximise profitability of every mile

Map-based planning lets you visualise, refine and perfect your plan to optimise your resources.

Greater visibility for the road ahead

Use the Manifests and Navigation apps to give drivers truck-optimised routes while you receive live ETAs in the TMS and customer portal throughout the day.

What our customers say

With a strong focus on customer service, we’re using an integrated Mandata system to improve performance, communication and efficiency. Mandata has helped to transform our clients’ businesses as well as our own.

Managing Director, Brit European

We started out with 4 regular customers, 6 drivers and a paper-based manual system. We now manage over 100 accounts and the Mandata TMS is actively helping us to manage our growth, without having to employ additional staff.

General Manager, Drive Direct

We plan jobs against 1,000+ drivers. With Mandata’s Enterprise TMS we can manipulate drivers and loads dynamically and fluidly and manage change effectively throughout the day. The traffic pad gives us greater visibility and it makes the performance of the planner more efficient.

Head of IT & Facilities, BCA Logistics

Other types of haulage we support

General Haulage

General Haulage

Save time and reduce costs by managing all your work in one place with an integrated Mandata TMS.

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Bulk and Heavy Haulage

Bulk and Heavy Haulage

Easily repeat standard jobs, plan for days or weeks in advance, capture exact details about each job, and accurately invoice work without time-consuming paperwork and duplication.

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Simplify, save, and prosper
– with a Mandata TMS