Quick and simple job creation and pricing

Create, receive and price jobs quickly and easily with a Mandata TMS.

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Saving time, big style
Job creation in Mandata can be quick and effortless. Freeing up your team to get other tasks done.
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Job creation is quick and easy
70% of jobs going through Mandata Enterprise TMS, are created and priced automatically using our powerful system integrations.
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A Mandata TMS makes it easier for you.

Save time, avoid duplication and errors.

  • All your customer details and resources managed in one place.
  • Customer data is completed for you, as you create jobs.
  • Job templates can be set up for repeat work, with standard jobs created in just a few clicks.
  • Customers can create their own jobs in a customer portal, then they appear in your TMS ready to plan.
  • Jobs can be imported from external sources automatically, saving you and your customers time and preserving data accuracy.

Pricing work couldn’t be easier with Mandata.

Whether you’d like to charge by mile, weight, number of pallets, timed deliveries, next day or a combination of different rates; the system can handle your requirements. This means pricing jobs couldn’t be easier.

Once rates are set up within the customer’s record, automatic pricing of jobs will save you time and enable you to apply accurate rates when pricing future work.  Rate schedules are created by customer, can be uplifted automatically, and you can refer to a history of previous rates.

Have a real-time view of your entire operation

A TMS remembers your customer details, so you don't have to!

All important customer details such as names, addresses, key contacts, rates, site restrictions etc are saved in the TMS.

When it comes to creating jobs, all this data can be completed automatically for you or recalled easily if you add adhoc work.


Job templates simplify repeat work.

They make planning the same jobs you do again and again, quick and easy.

Users can create their own job templates which will input key job details for repeat jobs.

Once created, simply select a customer, the job template and how often the job repeats, and the TMS creates all the jobs for you.

eWarehouse Customer Portal

Customers can place orders online, using a self-service portal.

Customers log into the portal, input all the key data and the job will appear in your TMS, along with a notification that a new customer job has been received. Once underway, customers can see job progress and download PODs as each job is invoiced.


Choice of convenient ways to import jobs.

Mandata provide a variety of different methods to import jobs into the TMS, making it easy for you, and your customers. Popular formats such as CSV files and fixed length text files can be used. Or alternatively, it’s possible for us to integrate with your customer’s systems, to import orders automatically.

6 Ways Mandata Supports Easy Job Creation

Quick and simple job entry
Convenient online ordering
RF SCANNING_Keep track of goods in
CSV Import Templates
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Auto rate schedules for all your work
All the information you need, all in one place
Home Page icons_1. Automated --Job creation--
Fast, effortless imports for accurate data

What our customers say

The level of visibility provided by our Mandata systems enables us to react quickly to the daily requirements of an often-challenging sector and provides our customers with added confidence that their goods are in safe hands.

IT Manager, Shepherd Distribution Services

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Here to support you every mile of the way

With over 48 years of experience in the haulage industry, we’ve evolved our software to keep up with latest market demands, helping more than 2,000 haulier businesses across the country to deliver on their customer promises and achieve their growth goals.

No matter how the transport landscape changes, you can be assured that our continuously evolving products will help you to do your best work every day.

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