ePOD software that bridges the gap from office to cab to customer

No more duplication errors, delays, lost paper proof of delivery (POD), and slow invoicing. Just pure efficiency and full visibility with Manifests, Mandata’s easy-to-use driver ePOD module for TMS.

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Watch the Manifest app in action

Receive proof of collection and delivery documents from the Manifest app straight to your transport management system (TMS), allowing you to instantly invoice your customers the moment a job is complete.

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Send jobs to drivers quickly and easily

Jobs can be sent from the TMS to the driver’s Manifest app after a few simple steps. Simply create a job, assign a driver to a vehicle, assign the job to that vehicle, and then click the mobile button to send the job to the driver’s app. Once sent, the driver acknowledges the load in their app which syncs back to the TMS, informing planners that the driver accepts the load with no issues.

.GIF showing a driver arriving at a collection point and changing the job status from ‘outstanding’ to ‘picked up’. The app then syncs with the TMS and updates the job status in the TMS job planner.

Complete job progress visibility

Once a driver receives their list of collections and deliveries, they set out to their first location. As the driver completes various actions they can update the job progress, such as changing the progress status of the delivery from ‘outstanding’ to ‘picked up’. Once the driver changes the status in the app it will sync with the TMS and update the job progress in the TMS. This means your planners have complete visibility of job progress. Furthermore, if used alongside the navigation in the Manifest plus app, ETAs can be generated which can be kept private to the haulier, or text / emailed to their customers.


.GIF showing: The various non-conformance options that can be uploaded against a collection / delivery

Keep stakeholders informed of non-conformance issues

If something has gone wrong with the delivery such as some damage, this can easily be acknowledged in the app. There are numerous options to choose from including, late for collection, late for delivery and goods damaged. If an item does not conform, then the app also provides the option to take a picture which will be uploaded against the job record to provide both the customer and haulier with the evidence of this non-conformance.

.GIF showing: Documents are uploaded from the app and automatically attach to the job record in the TMS. Signatures can be captured via sign-on-glass functionality and geo-stamped showing the exact location the signature was captured.

Document upload and geo-stamped sign-on-glass

When a driver arrives at a destination, they can upload any proof of collection / delivery or any other important documents from the app straight to the TMS. These documents will be automatically attached to the job record, eliminating the risk of lost paperwork. Furthermore, the app comes with sign-on-glass functionality, meaning that signatures can be collected with ease. These signatures are geo-stamped, meaning you can see the exact location the driver was in when they collected the signature in the event of any disputes.

.GIF showing: A message being sent from a driver in the Manifests app, the planner opening it from the TMS and then replying and the reply being sent to the Manifests app.

Two-way communication

If at any time the haulier needs to get into contact with the driver, then this is a simple process. The app comes with two-way communication capabilities. Drivers can send messages from their app and that message will be sent to the TMS for the planners to reply to in real-time, the messages will all be stored indefinitely in the event a message needs to be revisited in the future.


Job sharing and tracking

Go from plan to phone in seconds: send planned jobs directly from your TMS to your drivers’ mobile phones, without error or delay. Plus, have full visibility on the progression of your plans, saving valuable time usually spent on calling or texting drivers for updates.

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Go paperless

Manifests reduces paperwork and duplication while speeding up invoicing. No more scanning and processing paperwork before invoicing, as signed electronic PODs upload automatically from the app to the TMS.

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Instant progress updates

Give your customers real-time visibility of job progress by allowing them to see live job status updates in the TMS and customer portal, reducing the need to take and make calls.

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Consignment transparency

Provide drivers with truck-aware routing, feeding instant ETA updates to your Mandata TMS and customer portal – it has never been easier to manage customer delivery expectations!

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Faster invoicing

Frustrated with constantly lost or illegible proof documents and losing money as a result? With the Manifest app, you receive every POD quickly and securely, allowing you to convert to invoice and email it from your TMS to your factoring company or customers within minutes. No more delays in payment and pressure on cash flow.

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Manifest Plus (Navigations + ETAs)

Upgrade to the ManifestPlus app to give your drivers SatNav routing to a direct location from your TMS attached to their jobs while receiving real-time ETAs within your TMS, keeping you automatically informed of your drivers whereabouts at all times.

Mandata Manifests

Fast, easy electronic proof of delivery

Manifest, Mandata’s electronic proof of delivery (ePOD) app, puts an end to unnecessary delays as you wait for signed paper delivery notes, with information updated automatically in your Mandata TMS as soon as jobs are completed.

Capture signatures
add job details
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Mandata’s easy-to-use driver ePOD module for TMS

The Manifest app allows drivers to perform basic and advanced ePOD tasks, including:

  • Capturing signatures with sign-on-glass technology
  • Adding proof references
  • Adding unlimited photographs
  • Capturing clear images of paperwork with built-in document recognition capabilities.

The app automatically sends all captured information to the TMS, where it is stored safely against the job.

The Manifest app allows drivers to add and change job details, such as:

  • Extra collection and delivery instructions
  • Inaccurate goods details
  • Waste management information.

You choose the settings in the TMS to determine what drivers can do in the app, so you always remain in control.

You want your drivers on the road. To help drivers complete collections and deliveries as quickly as possible, the Manifests app can prompt them to take different actions at different times, for example:

  • To scan customer own paperwork when collecting and to complete a questionnaire when delivering.
  • When to scan goods, helping them to know if it’s their responsibility.

You can make changes to drivers’ jobs and loads and send them the information at the click of a button. The Manifest app prompts them to acknowledge your change and lets you know that they have received it.

When a driver makes a change, including adding proof of delivery, the app instantly sends the information to your TMS. This means you always have the latest information at your fingertips and you can invoice customers as soon as consignments are delivered.

Spending hours on the phone with your drivers? Fed up with messages going unread?

With two-way messaging between you and your drivers, you can:

  • Make less phone calls.
  • Know when your messages have been read.
  • Send messages to a group or a specific driver.

And because it’s fully integrated with your Mandata TMS, you will always be able to read the full conversation history in your TMS.

What our customers say

“Now with Mandata ePODs, we can invoice straight away, and this has increased cashflow by four or five days….easy.”

Ross Edden, Managing Director, TWE Haulage Limited

Using the driver Manifests app makes it a lot easier for our traffic planners as they don’t have to text the driver or ring them. Jobs are sent from Mandata straight to the driver’s phone. They accept the job, and as the job is progressed, traffic planners can see progress and what the driver’s done. It gives us direct information from the driver’s phone. POD details are uploaded automatically so we can invoice as soon as the delivery is made.

Accounts Manager, Katem Logistics

The Manifests app is not only easier to use, but takes some of the pressure off drivers. Once they have that signature and it’s automatically fed into our TMS system, they can get on to the next job and not need to worry about gathering up bundles of paperwork for the accounts department.

Director, Universal Tanker Solutions Ltd

Simplify, save, and prosper
– with a Mandata TMS