Plan all your work with a Mandata TMS

Make smarter, more profitable planning decisions with a TMS supporting multi-drop and full load job planning.

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Make the best decisions
Empty Running, Load Fill, Profit & Loss, Revenue, Cost/Mile, Live Driver Hours and Tacho Data, to help validate your plan.
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make changes easily
Visualise the plan to find opportunities to improve KPIs, meet customer deadlines, and avoid overcommitting your fleet.
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Planning jobs in a Mandata TMS is a quick and simple process.

Once jobs are created, they can be built into loads and assigned resources ready to be sent to drivers in just a few minutes.

Planning is intuitive and accurate with a Mandata TMS:

  • Drag and drop functionality with live driver and vehicle availability, enables quick resource assignment
  • View KPIs such as empty miles, and vehicle load-fill capacities at-a-glance, to get the most out of your fleet
  • Plan efficient route sequences with map-based planning

Quick and easy job assignment

Mandata TMS use drag and drop functionality to build loads.

Use a choice of Traffic Pads (job planning screens) for load based planning or resource based planning. Build and plan loads by vehicle, driver or sub-contractor and plan with accuracy using a wealth of features such as carry-over functionality. This allows planners to set a night out and have visibility of destination the following day.

Haulage vehicle loading animation

Load-fill as you plan.

Vehicle capacity options can be set up in the system by metrics such as size or weight. These will then automatically calculate when jobs get assigned to a vehicle and show how much space is left in a vehicle, as well as when it’s over capacity.


Spot the correct sequence for drivers to complete jobs.

Available jobs can be displayed on a map, allowing planners to see all their jobs at once, and quickly spot which jobs are close to each other, or near to a collection point that the driver will be passing. Job order can be changed to create the most efficient route, and empty miles will be re-calculated.

6 Ways Mandata Supports Job planning

Flexible drag and drop functionality

enables changes to be made quickly and easily

Job planning screens can be as simple or complex as you like

They are configured to include the information you need.

RF SCANNING_Keep track of goods in
Live data feed displays latest key data

Live drivers' hours, tacho data and more, keeps your team informed.

Real-time updates on job progress

Keeps your planners informed to add more work safely

Plan across multiple screens

Plan all your work, viewing all the information you need to give you the most visibility to visualise your plan

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Fast, effortless imports for accurate data

What our customers say

The level of visibility provided by our Mandata systems enables us to react quickly to the daily requirements of an often-challenging sector and provides our customers with added confidence that their goods are in safe hands.

IT Manager, Shepherd Distribution Services

Simplify, save, and prosper
– with a Mandata TMS