Waste management software to digitise your waste transport operation

Mandata’s transport management solutions (TMS) give you everything you need to manage your waste transfer business for enhanced efficiency, safety and compliance throughout your operations.

Waste Transfer

A complete digital audit trail from order to delivery

Transporting sensitive, highly regulated loads requires attention to detail and compliance at the highest level. Minimise the possibility of human error and streamline each part of the job by using a TMS that delivers best-in-class features for waste management.


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Our on-demand webinar reviews manual processes in comparison to a Waste Transport Management Software (WTMS), and which is the best to plan your haulage work. Helping you find the planning system best suited to your business.

EA Report
Map-based planning
Unmanned waste site

Rely on the right software for the right job with a Mandata WTMS

Eliminate the risk of lost documents with a Mandata WTMS. Waste transfer notes, weighbridge tickets and other important proof documents are uploaded electronically with the driver’s Manifests app. Once uploaded, all documentation will be sent to the WTMS in real time, reconciling to the job record. These documents are stored indefinitely and accessible at any time by the haulier via the WTMS, or customer via the online portal.

Repeat job schedules can be setup within a Mandata WTMS to drastically cut down on time wasted keying in repeat jobs. This allows planners to schedule jobs weeks, or even months in advanced.

Mandata’s WTMS comes with numerous reports that match the template of the EA and can identify waste coming into a site and waste leaving a site – including EWC, Municipal Source, Degradable, State etc. These reports can be generated from the WTMS and sent to the EA with a few clicks.

Driver’s are notified of any changes to a plan via push notification from the Driver’s Manifest app.. Planners will see in real-time when a driver has acknowledged any changes to the plan within the app, thanks to automatic updates in the WTMS. . If additional communication is required there is two-way communication between the driver’s app and the WTMS.

The Mandata WTMS allows planners to build radial collection routes, ensuring the shortest distances between each stop. The short distance technology in the WTMS displays the shortest distance to take between each collection, helping you make the most of every mile on the road.

Driver’s can easily upload photographs to a job record that can then be sent to the customer, proving the driver was there. The app time stamps any photos and signatures collected on each job, with precise geo-location stamps showing exactly where a document was signed giving staff and customer complete traceability of jobs.

Digital tools to help simplify the complexities of transporting and delivering waste

Mandata’s TMS delivers on a range of must-have features for waste transfer operations, so your team can keep track of waste received and disposed of, while generating and delivering all the required documentation to the end customer and authorities.

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Electronic waste transfer notes

Drivers can capture signatures on collection or delivery of waste, plus weights and quantities, using the Manifests app.

Simplify annual returns

Generate Environment Agency Waste Return reports quickly, as and when you need to, so you can stay compliant.

Special features for handling waste

Store details of waste-handling locations with SIC codes, facility type, and a full list of origin and destination district councils, county councils and regions.

Improve cash flow

Create invoices and email them to customers and factoring companies on delivery for faster payment or factoring.

Save time

Minimise admin and paperwork using a TMS that manages all your processes, from order to invoice.

Stay informed

See if work is going to plan with live, integrated vehicle tracking and real-time updates from the driver Manifests app.

What our customers say

The Manifests app is not only easier to use, but takes some of the pressure off drivers. Once they have that signature and it’s automatically fed into our TMS system, they can get on to the next job and not need to worry about gathering up bundles of paperwork for the accounts department. ”

Director, Universal Tanker Solutions Ltd

By automating our manual processes, the Mandata TMS has helped to organise us, and has saved us considerable time and costs along the way. We’ve got full traceability on all of our jobs from the booking stage through to invoicing, and we can recall waste consignment notes and PODs quickly and easily.

Managing Director, Vegetable Oil Management

By automating our manual processes, the system has helped us to save hours in admin time, and just generally be more organised. We’ve got full traceability on all of our jobs from the booking stage through to invoicing, and we can recall consignment notes and PODs quickly and easily because everything is contained within the one system.

Operations Manager, Gap Waste Management

Other types of haulage we support

Bulk and Heavy Haulage

Bulk and Heavy Haulage

Easily repeat standard jobs, plan for days or weeks in advance, capture exact details about each job, and accurately invoice work without time-consuming paperwork and duplication.

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General Haulage

General Haulage

Save time and reduce costs by managing all your work in one place with an integrated Mandata TMS.

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