A TMS solution for any kind of haulage operation

Reduce operational costs and improve profit with Mandata’s feature-rich TMS.


Stay in control of your increasing workload as your business grows

Mandata’s integrated TMS offers one system to manage everything in your business, from order to invoice. It improves efficiency through more effective planning and communication, and leads to less duplication and fewer errors. Digitised order processing, planning, proof of delivery and invoicing, and a single view of your entire operation for your team to make well-informed decisions  make sustainable business growth so much more possible.

Streamline, save and increase cash flow

Achieve more with a TMS that gives you the information and visibility you need to always be on top of those tasks that lead to better cash flow, increased revenue, and customer satisfaction.

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Increase your cash flow with instant invoicing

Invoices created and sent from the TMS to your customers or factoring companies, with all the right documentation in place, significantly speed up your order-to-cash cycle.

No more manual updates

Job details, status updates, proof documents, and pallet network barcodes can be transferred between systems, saving time and ensuring data remains consistent and accurate.

Maximise profitability of every mile

When you use Mandata's TMS to plan loads, you get better visualisation of collection and delivery locations with map-based planning, allowing you to achieve more operational KPIs.

Share jobs easily with drivers

The TMS sends work to the Manifests app on drivers' mobile phones, giving them all the details they need about each job.

Greater visibility of the road ahead

Use the Manifests and Navigation apps to give drivers truck-optimised routes while you receive live, updated ETAs in the TMS throughout the day.

One live view of your operation

See how jobs are progressing in real time, whether they're on the road or delivered, as well as the name and signature of the person who signs for the job.

What our customers say

We are very happy with our Mandata TMS. We use Mandata across our business with links to all depots and information about traffic planning, vehicle tracking, drivers and workshop operations. It’s a very efficient transport management tool that provides us with immediate access to all the important information we need, in one place.

Director, CM Downton Ltd

We had been trying to convince customers for some time to go down the paperless route. With the Manifests app we’ve proven we can eradicate the need for hard copy delivery notes, and this is a major step forward for us. It has demonstrated to us what we already knew, that in this day and age it’s simply not necessary to lump around great wads of paper.

Managing Director, Tapfreight Ltd

We invested in the latest mobile app technology to drive significant cost and time-saving advantages, and streamline our operations as we look to future proofing the company.

IT and Communications Manager, Forest Freight

Other types of haulage we support

Pallet Network

Pallet Network

Avoid costly human error by having a single point of entry for all your haulage work. No more duplication, with a real-time view of your operation, and transparency for your pallet network partners.

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Bulk and Heavy Haulage

Bulk and Heavy Haulage

Easily repeat standard jobs, plan for days or weeks in advance, capture exact details about each job, and accurately invoice work without time-consuming paperwork and duplication.

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Simplify, save, and prosper
– with a Mandata TMS