Our story

Mandata is a leading provider of integrated transport and logistics software for companies of all sizes.


Founded in 1974, the company has focused exclusively on the road haulage and logistics sectors for over 48 years. With the backing of private equity firm Tenzing, Mandata is on an ambitious journey to expand its footprint across the UK and into Europe.

Its product portfolio includes Mandata, Mandata Stirling and Mandata Returnloads.

Based on a deep understanding of the challenges that haulage operators face every day, Mandata’s transport management solutions give operators a real-time view of their key performance areas. This helps them make decisions that lead to more effective running of their businesses.

Haulage operators use Mandata’s systems to manage their work from order to invoice, according to their specific needs.

Using Mandata’s integrated suite of software solutions, haulage operators see less duplication, with improved productivity, visibility, communication, and customer satisfaction.

Mandata’s software integrates effectively with third-party systems, which includes major accounting software, as well as pallet network, warehousing, and customer enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems.

Mandata supports more than 2,000 hauliers across all sectors of the road transport industry in the United Kingdom and Ireland, including those operating mixed fleets throughout Europe. Mandata has its head office in Newcastle upon Tyne, with two other offices in Leicester and Leeds.