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All the data you need in your TMS, from other systems.

Our open approach to integrating with your customer’s systems and other software keeps your TMS data at the centre of your operation. Keeping you informed.

Mandata Integrations
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Mandata keeps you very well connected.

Our open approach to integrating with other systems gives you greater control and visibility of your information, all in one place.

Mandata currently has 400+ 3rd party system integrations.
Mandata currently connects hauliers to over 10,000 of their customer’s systems.
  1.75m jobs per month going through Mandata transport management systems. 70% these jobs are created automatically, saving our customers time and money.
  Potential to integrate with Tracking & Telematics, Route Optimisation, WMS, Accounts and Payroll, and Pallet Networks.

Our System Integrations

Your Customer’s Systems

Avoid data input errors and duplication, save time and automate the transfer of information with Mandata. Details that need to be updated regularly can be automatically entered into your Mandata Enterprise TMS to save time and preserve data accuracy.

Mandata integrations are highly efficient. Large data files can be transferred in minutes and a fraction of the time it would take you to input information manually.

We currently integrate with over 10,000 customers’ systems.

70% of all work going through Mandata Enterprise TMS is automatically created for our customers, ready to plan, saving significant time and effort.

Tracking & Telematics

Our TMS integrates seamlessly with tracking and telematics providers to provide you with live fleet visibility.

Planners can see exactly where their drivers are in real-time, while also being able to monitor and report on driving behaviours such as harsh acceleration or heavy braking.

For more information, contact us here.

  Software vendors we have integrated with include:

WebFleet | Thermoking | Isotrack | Masternaut | Mix Telematics | Navman | TrakM8 | Verilocation

Plus many more…

Route Optimisation

Our TMS provides great synergy with route optimisation solutions. The TMS will send all driver, vehicle and job data into the route optimiser, which will then select the best drivers and vehicles for each job, and also the correct order in which they should be completed.

If you would like to pre-build the loads yourself within the TMS, this is also possible. The route optimiser will still help by choosing the most efficient order sequence to complete the jobs, taking into account things such as vehicle type restrictions, location access issues etc.

  Software vendors we have integrated with include:

Optimise | CACI | PTV | MaxOptra | Paragon | Optrack

Plus many more…

Pallet Networks

With our pallet network integration, you’ll have live visibility of all job data from a variety of sources, all in one place, your TMS. Whether you’re part of one pallet network or multiple networks, this integration will connect you to the following pallet networks:

This is of great benefit to hauliers who run general haulage and other work alongside their pallet network, as jobs can be planned simultaneously, enabling you to make the most of your resources.

Learn more about our Pallet Network integrations

  Pallet Networks we have integrated with include:

Palletline | Palletforce | Palletways | TPN | UPN | Hazchem | PalletTrack | Fortec | Partnerlink | Pall-Ex

Plus many more…

Warehouse Management Software

Our integration with leading warehouse providers allows job data to pass from the WMS to the TMS automatically once the delivery is ready to be collected from the warehouse.

The job data is passed into the TMS ready for driver/vehicle assignment. This means staff do not need to duplicate this admin effort across two systems.

For more information, contact us here.

  Software vendors we have integrated with include:

Access Delta | Manhattan | Clarus | Chess | Clydebuilt

Plus many more…

Accountancy & Payroll Software

Keep your books balanced with our TMS to accounts integrations. Avoid time-consuming double entries and gain greater visibility of your financial performance with Mandata.

Once invoices are created and emailed from the TMS, details can be automatically updated in your Accounts software via Enterprise or by easy imports and exports via our other TMS solutions.

  Software vendors we have integrated with include:

Sage 50 | Quickbooks | Xero | Sage 200

Plus many more…

How we support you

Our expert team manage hundreds of system integrations on behalf of our customers. 

No two integrations are the same, however, and the time it takes to complete your integration will depend on the system you’d like to integrate with, and the information you’d like to update.


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