Proof of Delivery (POD), Invoicing & Accounts

Transform your manual proof of delivery and invoicing processes with ePODs, email invoicing and easy accounts updates.

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2.5m+ invoices raised and time saved around the clock
Generate invoices as soon as you like with easy email invoicing from Mandata. Avoid paying postage costs. Avoid wasting time matching and scanning paperwork or waiting for PODs to be returned.
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Make sure all your jobs are invoiced
Stop losing revenue from unbilled jobs.
Mandata shows you which jobs are yet to be invoiced and what information you need to make sure you capture all your revenue.
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keep your books balanced
Easy updates keep information up to date between your TMS and Accounts software.
Save time and avoid unnecessary duplication. Create invoices from data in your TMS. Output to your Accounts software to create statements for all your work.
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It's easy to receive proof of delivery, then create and email invoices.

Mandata allow hauliers to capture all POD, conformance and job progress updates in their app to synchronise with their TMS.

This is all stored in the job record in the TMS allowing for the invoicing process to commence in just a few simple clicks upon job completion.

A Mandata TMS when paired with our driver’s Manifests app allows you to:

  • Share job progress in real-time
  • Provide non-conformance updates
  • Collect electronic PODs
  • Collect geo-stamped electronic signatures
  • Streamline the invoicing process

Stay informed with real-time job progress.

When paired with the driver’s Manifests app, drivers can share job progress updates in real-time back to the TMS. This allows planners to have a clear view of driver progress and inform their decision making. Drivers can choose from a number of options including picked up, delivered, en-route and more. When viewing this information across all drivers it allows for a full view of total job progress throughout the business that day.

Non conformed

Non-conformance updates give you the extra visibility you need.

The drivers Manifests app allows for non-conformance details to be added quickly and easily. If a driver arrives and there is something wrong with their collection, they simply open their app and select what was wrong with it. They can also provide notes to explain what’s wrong, take images for proof and confirm if they’ve informed the customer or not.


Collect PODs and geo-location signatures.

Drivers can also make amendments at the point of delivery, as well as capture further information your customers need.

Using the Manifests app, drivers can upload proof of delivery documents, or other important images with just a couple of clicks. These images will be uploaded to the TMS in real-time for office staff to access to begin the invoicing process. These images as well as all additional job information, is stored behind the job in the TMS and accessed when it is needed.

Drivers can collect signatures upon collection and delivery via sign-on-glass functionality. All of these signatures are geo-stamped, so staff can see the exact location a signature was collected.


Streamline the invoicing process.

As all POD information is attached to the job record, Mandata TMS greatly saves time matching PODs to invoices. Mandata TMS integrate with all major accounting providers, allowing for quick and easy invoicing the moment a delivery has been complete. All proof of delivery will be included with the invoice in emails sent out to customers, streamlining the entire process.


Keep your books balanced with easy accounts updates.

Mandata integrates with all major account software systems allowing easy exports from your TMS.

Once invoices are created and emailed out via the TMS, it’s easy to export invoice details from the TMS to your accounting software where you can run statements. We don’t export PODs, they live in your TMS.

We also help to simplify sub-contractor invoicing through a ‘Self-bill matching feature’ – this saves time as it matches 95% of sub-contractor bills avoiding manual and duplicate entry of information.

6 Ways Mandata Simplifies POD and Invoicing

See which jobs are missing PODs at-a-glance.
Receive PODs instantly in the TMS as jobs are complete.
RF SCANNING_Keep track of goods in
Keep customers informed via the Customer Portal.
Receive real-time updates on job progress.
It's easy to export and update your accounts system.
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TMS creates invoices using your job data. Then emails invoices out with PODs attached.

What our customers say

The level of visibility provided by our Mandata systems enables us to react quickly to the daily requirements of an often-challenging sector and provides our customers with added confidence that their goods are in safe hands.

IT Manager, Shepherd Distribution Services

Simplify, save, and prosper
– with a Mandata TMS