Monitoring Job Progress

Get a real-time view of your haulage operation, ensuring work is going to plan.

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Live data feeds keep you informed
Be ready for any evolving situation with live updates from Driver Walk-around Checks, Job Status, Driver Hours, Tacho Data and more!
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A Mandata TMS gives Hauliers more
More Visibility l More Control l More Information
All the information you need to keep your team and customers informed,
all in one place.
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React quickly and proactively to changing situations throughout the day.

With a Mandata TMS you'll know exactly how things are progressing in real-time. Live updates keep you informed. Find problems early to proactively manage exceptions.

  • See real-time plan execution updates including load information, vehicle location and job status, with Mandata Tracking and Manifest app.
  • To add a new job, find which vehicle is closest to the job.
  • Add more work safely taking current driver hours into account.
  • Receive live job status updates as jobs progress.
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Track your fleet in real-time.

When used alongside Mandata’s integrated tracking system, you can gain a real-time view of your fleet, loads, drivers and progress.

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View historic driver journeys.

Driver journeys can be filtered by a specific date to view all journeys a driver made that day. Tracking events such as speeding and idling can also be viewed with ease. View route comparisons, and historical vehicle journey trails and go back in time to see milk runs that overlap. You can then replan routes to save future costs.

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Stay informed with ETAs.

ETAs can be generated to keep both your planners and customers informed of driver progress. SMS can be set up to automatically send to your customers if 5 minutes or more has been added on to an ETA.

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Stay updated on driver job progress.

Drivers can keep planners up to date of job progress using their driver’s app. The driver simply updates the progress status in their app and it will sync with the TMS allowing the planner to see the progress of a job.


Keep your customers informed.

Improve customer service with real-time updates in the Mandata Customer Portal and Track and Trace App. Customers can log in to see the status of their jobs, track their orders and view POC and POD documentation uploaded automatically as driver’s complete their work, using the Manifest app.

6 Ways Mandata makes it easier to monitor job progress

Quick and simple job entry
Customer Portal
RF SCANNING_Keep track of goods in
CSV Import Templates
Customer system integrations for real-time updates
All the information you need, all in one place
Home Page icons_1. Automated --Job creation--
Fast, effortless imports for accurate data

What our customers say

The level of visibility provided by our Mandata systems enables us to react quickly to the daily requirements of an often-challenging sector and provides our customers with added confidence that their goods are in safe hands.

IT Manager, Shepherd Distribution Services

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Here to support you every mile of the way

With over 48 years of experience in the haulage industry, we’ve evolved our software to keep up with latest market demands, helping more than 2,000 haulier businesses across the country to deliver on their customer promises and achieve their growth goals.

No matter how the transport landscape changes, you can be assured that our continuously evolving products will help you to do your best work every day.

Simplify, save, and prosper
– with a Mandata TMS