Real-time visibility for you and your customers

Enhance your Mandata TMS with our integrated tracking solution to get real-time visibility of your fleet, helping you to drive everything according to plan, all in one place.


All the visibility you need. All in one system.

Mandata’s integrated tracking solutions and mobile app enhancements give you all the visibility you need. You can see how jobs are progressing, spot problems early to proactively manage exceptions effectively, make critical on-the-spot decisions, and keep customers informed. Plus, you can add extra jobs safely with the help of live driver hours and tacho data downloads.


Have full visibility

A Mandata TMS combined with our integrated tracking solution gives you more than just a dot on a map. Find all the details you need in one system, including where a vehicle is against your plan, so it’s easier to manage exceptions. Geofence regularly visited locations to view job status updates in the traffic planner and be alerted to issues. Plus, update job status when a vehicle arrives at or leaves a collection or delivery address.


Live vehicle tracking:

  • View vehicle movements in real time and spot issues that might delay them.
  • Study historic routes and fuel levels to see where future savings can be made.
  • Includes an app for customers to track jobs themselves.


  • Receive automated alerts based on vehicle movements in and out of locations.
Driver and Vehicle performance image

Optimise fleet performance

Maximise the efficiency of your vehicles and promote positive driving by sharing driver and vehicle performance with your team. A series of powerful charts and tools allows you to:

  • Assess drivers and vehicles against key performance indicators (KPIs).
  • Identify patterns of behaviour and quickly spot problem areas that need attention.

Drivers can study their own performance, compare it to that of their colleagues, and consider areas where they might improve, by using the Mandata SmartDriveTM app.


In addition, you can make driver and vehicle performance features available to trainers outside the office with the FleetDriveTM app.

Driver hours image

Allocate work safely

Driver hours are invaluable as an operational tool to simplify planning and maximise the productivity and profitability of your workforce.


Seamless integration between Mandata Vehicle Tracking allows planners to see a breakdown of a driver’s hours in a Mandata TMS. This aids in the allocation of work, giving you a real-time view of an individual’s driving time, working time, periods of availability, and breaks.


It also lets you view detailed weekly shift information, rest days, and where each activity occurred, using a series of on-screen tools and reports. Possible regulatory breaches are highlighted for further investigation in your dedicated compliance system.

Automate tacho downloads

Automate tacho downloads

Mandata’s digital tachograph download service improves the systemised capture of driver and vehicle tacho data for hauliers – making manual and potentially incorrect tacho downloads a thing of the past!


Driver data is automatically collected from tachographs, reducing the burden of having to gather data from vehicles and drivers on the road and the associated admin time and costs incurred, while eliminating the risk of information being lost or incomplete.


The service pulls data from your digital tachographs and driver cards even when your vehicles are on the road. It also requests the data from each driver’s card every day, and from each vehicle every three days, uploading it for storage on our cloud servers.


This allows you to monitor the success of uploads and either download the data to add to your dedicated compliance system or automatically send it to a third-party analysis service.

What our customers say

Our planners can view tracking data, which has made routing easier and afforded our team a high degree of visual heads-up regarding any potential problems. They can see immediately a driver’s current location while start times are visible, cutting out the need for unnecessary phone calls and, overall, speeding up the whole planning process.

Managing Director, TDW Distribution

Trailer fleet reduced

Our drivers have been trained not to miss breaking zones to achieve high driver scores. As soon as we had addressed harsh acceleration and deceleration, everything else fell into place and we are noticing savings month on month.

Managing Director, Stennetts Transport

Gallons of fuel saved
fuel saved

Our investment in a fleet-wide tracking and driver behaviour system has saved us more than £80,000 this year in insurance premiums alone. This is clearly good news, and the cash savings have gone straight on the bottom line, enabling us to invest in other areas of the business.

Managing Director, Home Delivery Solutions Ltd (HDS)

annual insurance saving
fuel saved per annum

Simplify, save, and prosper
– with a Mandata TMS