Chatty new solution added to integrated driver-informed and ePOD app

Mandata has now made instant messaging available within its integrated ePOD solution – the Manifests app, making it quicker and easier for haulage operators to keep in touch with their HGV driver community.

The Instant Messaging feature enables hauliers’ traffic planners to communicate easily with other users, either within the same office or other depots as well as HGV drivers.  It’s designed to bring everything the HGV driver needs altogether in one place.  As well as jobs to do, drivers can capture electronic signatures and photos of paperwork (ePODs) and talk instantly with the traffic office, should they need to.

Here’s how it works:

Who can talk to who?

  • Talk to office-based users, on your site or at remote depots. Set up user groups so you can talk to individual users or user groups.
  • The administrator can control who each user or HGV driver can communicate with. The haulier’s administrator of the Instant Messaging tool can manage message groups via a series of easy-to-use management screens to control and coordinate who can communicate with each other.  HGV Drivers can send messages to authorized recipients too.

Plus, a full audit trail of sent messages is also available – including when they were sent, received, and opened.

Real-time notifications

When a message is received by the office-based user, a notification will appear in the taskbar, similar to the way MS Outlook alerts you to new emails. The HGV driver’s phone will also receive a notification in the taskbar as well as within the Manifests app itself.

Easy-to-read interface

Messages are downloaded and presented in a simple, easy-to-follow chat-style interface with speech bubbles for added clarity and reference when the driver logs in. Unread chat streams are also highlighted.

Secure messaging

Safe and secure driver messaging with end-to-end-encryption is part of a package of advanced, easy-to-use app-based services and features from Mandata transport management software that enable HGV drivers to receive work instructions and see at-a-glance via a smartphone, the sequence of jobs and manifest details, which can be updated with changes throughout the day.  With the ability to capture electronic proof of delivery (ePODs) and non-conformance, it’s a powerful integrated solution delivering real value to operators, drivers and customers alike.

Convenient app for Android and iOS

Designed to operate on any Android or iOS (Apple) platform, the Mandata Manifests app also offers the simplicity and convenience of everything an HGV driver needs on one user-friendly device.

The Manifests app integrates with Mandata’s transport management system providing a complete driver-informed, electronic proof of delivery (ePOD) solution. Improving visibility of load status, ePOD returns and now, the ability to instantly communicate with drivers.