Mandata GoPlus

Manage your transport business more efficiently with out-of-the-box, best-practice features for haulage businesses that need more advanced functionality.

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Faster invoicing for faster payments and increased cash flow

Accelerate your invoicing process: GoPlus creates and emails invoices to your factoring company or customers, giving them everything they need to pay you on time to help you free up your cash flow.

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Manage all your work with one integrated system

Digitise your transport management process with GoPlus to help you manage everything from job creation and planning to job execution, proof of delivery, and invoicing – all in one place.

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Deep integration with third-party systems

With GoPlus your operations will benefit from seamless integration with all other Mandata products, pallet network systems and other third-party software including accounts, warehouse, and customer ERP systems.

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An advanced, easy to use TMS that helps you grow and prosper.

Managing multiple priorities, staying compliant, working to tight deadlines, and surviving slim margins can be challenging when trying to grow your business. With GoPlus you’ll get all the functionality you need to run your operations like clockwork, optimising every minute and mile in your business.

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Integrates with pallet networks and warehouse management software

Updates between GoPlus and other systems ensure you see real-time accurate information you can trust to help you make the best operational decisions. Not only is GoPlus fully integrated with all Mandata apps, but it also integrates seamlessly with all major pallet networks, including Fortec, Hazchem, Palletforce, Palletline, Pall-Ex, and UPN.

Gives you and your customers real-time visibility and control

Integrate with Mandata apps to keep your team and customers informed with automated, live job progress emails, ePODs and ETA updates. You can also build your own dashboard views using an extensive set of KPI components and see how your business is performing.

Speeds up invoicing to increase cash flow

Replace time consuming and labour-intensive paperwork with effortless, instant email invoicing to reduce your operational costs and increase your cash flow.

Lets you build loads quickly and easily

Make the most of your fleet with a multi-day job planner, easy resource allocation and load validation. Then send the right job to the right driver’s mobile phone, directly from GoPlus.

Helps you make every mile and minute count

What gets planned right, gets done right. With GoPlus’s planning features such as multi-day loads and job planning slots, you’ll get the most from your fleet, every hour of every day.

Saves you time when creating and pricing jobs

A convenient self-service customer portal, customisable rate tables and easy repeat job creation helps you to stay in control of pricing and billing.

Have a real-time view of your entire operation


With you every step of the way

Mandata GoPlus is a feature-rich solution designed to help haulage businesses simplify their operations.

As a fully cloud-based system, GoPlus lets you work anywhere, anytime. With its industry-leading technology and through continual innovation by Mandata’s development team, GoPlus not only helps you grow your business but grows with your business.

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GoPlus enhancements

Enhance GoPlus with fully integrated add-ons that streamline your business even more

Send work to drivers and receive real-time job status updates, non-conformance information, ePODs, and more in an instant.

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Truck-aware satellite navigation for your drivers and real-time ETAs for you and your customers when used with the Manifests app.

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Perform walkaround checks, record, and photograph defects, and easily recall results at on-the-spot gate checks and roadside inspections.

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Receive and approve expenses, leave requests and timesheets, and distribute compliance documents without taking your drivers off the road.

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Vehicle and trailer tracking, live load location, driver and vehicle performance, driver hours and tacho downloads.

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Whether you plan for 20 or 200 vehicles, Mandata has the transport management software to help make your job easier

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Desktop, cloud TMS for start-up to medium-sized operators with simpler business processes.

Core TMS features include:

Create standard jobs, bulk jobs and repeat job schedules
Customisable rate tables
Configurable job and stage planner
Multi-day load planning
Route sequencing
Map-based route confirmation
Visual load fill/utilisation
ETA notifications when integrated with Manifests and Navigation apps
Subcontractor management tools
Document scanning and storage
Documents emailed to customers automatically as jobs progress
Self-service customer portal
Simple file-based imports and exports
Accounts integrations
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Desktop, cloud TMS for medium to large sized operators with more complex business processes.

All the features of Go, PLUS the following:

Short-distance-running guide
Two-way pallet network integration
Custom data fields to capture all the details you need
Create your own dashboard layouts from our range of KPI charts and graphs
More powerful file-based imports/exports with enhanced data validation and third-party code translation
Developer API for seamless data transfer with third-party products
Seamless integration with major accounting software providers
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If your needs are more complex, we also offer an enterprise-class bespoke transport management system.

All the features you’d expect including:

Dynamic map-based planning
Configurable, role-specific traffic planning screens
Pre-planning ETAs with live ETA updates and notifications when integrated with Manifests and Navigation apps
Empty mileage calculations updated as you add and amend loads
Configurable collection, delivery and load documentation
Create your own documentation and reports with our embedded custom report builder
Optional scale-out reporting server for data integration with existing business systems
Managed integrations to over 500 third-party systems
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Your Questions Answered

GoPlus integrates with most pallet network systems. This means information such as orders, job status and ePOD updates can be swiftly transferred between systems, saving you time and avoiding duplication.

GoPlus is often used by hauliers who want to keep their general haulage work separate from their pallet network system, and to manage all this work in one central place. It means you can merge all your work into one system and plan loads to optimise your resources.

We are unable to offer a trial of GoPlus right now. However, our team will be delighted to give you a tailored demonstration. Once we understand your business and what you’d like to get from the system, we’ll show you how to make the most of the software.

Unfortunately not. The product is only available on Windows PCs.

Yes. One of the many benefits of a cloud TMS is that you’re always using the latest version of the software. If the software has been updated, you’ll see a message when you log in.

Our licensing plan is concurrent. This means it is based on the number of simultaneous users accessing the program. If you purchase two licences, two users can log in at the same time. If a third person wants to use the system, they will have to wait for someone to log out before they can log in.

Our pricing varies depending on the number of licences you need, the software and apps you require, the number of vehicles, and other variables. For full pricing information, please contact our sales team.

What our customers say

Mandata will be very much a part of our future. Transport is a highly competitive business, so you need an edge, and Mandata GoPlus gives us that edge.

With GoPlus, invoicing is a much quicker process and the customer gets the invoice and other documentation together, in one email. This also means that invoice queries from clients are swiftly resolved.

Emma Tideswell, Director of Operations, A S Taylor Ltd

Mandata enabled us to move to a paperless system which completely removed the risk of paperwork getting lost or damaged. Overall, it is a great system; I now use every facet of Mandata GoPlus in my job and find it invaluable.

David Hunter, Transport manager, B&M Pallets

I'm delighted to say that the heaps of paperwork, rushed phone calls and potential disputes over deliveries and collections are a thing of the past”

Joanne Clarke, Director, Tipworx, Tipworx

Simplify. Save. Prosper. With a Mandata TMS.