Take the stress and time out of managing your workforce

Mandata’s popular Team Admin app makes employee admin a breeze for managers and employees alike.

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Watch the Team Admin app in action

Managing staff activities like timesheets, expenses, and holiday leave can be a daunting task, especially with a large workforce and outdated methods. Watch our product demonstration video to see first hand how the Team Admin app can simplify time consuming tasks.

Team Admin leave request

Handling staff holiday leave

The team admin app makes it easy to stay on top of staff holiday leave. Staff open their app, select the number of days they want to take off and then submit the request. Admin staff will receive a notification via email or SMS that a member of staff has submitted a holiday request. The admin staff member will then either approve the request or decline it with a reason. If it is a driver who has submitted the request and it is approved, their leave will appear in their calendar making it easy for planners to spot driver availability ahead of time.

Team Admin Expenses

Expenses paid easy

With the team admin app, staff can upload expense claims to the app along with photographic evidence of receipts automatically attached to the expense form. This means that everything is submitted together, greatly reducing admin time spent matching receipts to expenses. Once submitted, admin staff will receive a notification about a new expense form and can then view the expense form either in the app or the TMS. From here they can send a notification to the person who submitted the expense with an approval or rejection (along with a reason), and again an additional notification once the expense has been paid, giving total visibility of expense payments.

Team Admin Time sheets

Keep track of driver work hours

The app provides the ability for drivers to submit their daily timesheets. Drivers can choose to manually type in how many hours they worked that day. Alternatively, activities can be split into sections with the ability to time how long is taken driving, unloading, or any activity the haulier wants to keep track of. Once submitted all timesheet data can be easily viewed in the TMS, making sure drivers are working the correct hours and taking enough breaks.


Leave management

It has never been easier to manage holidays and other leave than with our integrated Team Admin app, where:

  • Drivers can submit leave requests from the road or from home.
  • Guided by screen resourcing information, the back-office team can make informed decisions on authorising or rejecting leave requests.
  • Driver availability is synchronised automatically with the planning screens in the TMS for an accurate view of the drivers who are available for work.

Expense management

The Team Admin app delivers outstanding features that let you submit and approve expense claims with ease, including:

  • Accessing instant details of employee expenditure, including photographs of receipts.
  • Setting daily limits and the categorising and processing expense claims in different currencies.
  • Employees receiving an email notification as soon as a claim is accepted, paid, or rejected.

Time sheets

Study shift behaviour, from simple hours worked to a full breakdown of activity with the Team Admin app, which lets you record any of the following:

  • The start and end of drivers’ shifts.
  • How long each load or job has taken, using the stopwatch feature to accurately time each activity.
  • A full breakdown of every activity.
  • Nightshifts.
team admin compliance - hands

Compliance training

To ensure that your compliance training lands as intended and across your company, the Team Admin app has a range of features that ensures important documentation is distributed and acknowledgement is tracked.


Using the Team Admin app or web portal and Mandata’s TMS, you can:

  • Publish documents and videos to share information your employees need to know about.
  • Attach questionnaires to test understanding.
  • See how much time each person spent studying the information before signing the declaration.
  • See where they signed it.
  • Permanently store signed copies.
  • Track who has and hasn’t signed.
  • Send automatic reminders as a deadline approaches.

Simplify, save, and prosper
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