Manage expectations throughout the journey

Our Android satnav for Mandata TMS gives HGV drivers truck-optimised routes to follow and ETA alerts to keep your team and customers informed.

Navigation App
Live ETAs

Live ETAs that keep customers calm while you carry on

Customers expect more visibility from haulage and logistics companies than ever before.

With Mandata Navigation you can effortlessly provide your customers with complete transparency, from the moment the wheels start to turn on their job until their consignment reaches them.

Mandata Route Optimisation Software on Mobile

Get live ETA progress and exception alerts

When stops are sent to the Navigation app via the Manifests app, the Navigation app will generate initial ETAs as soon as the driver starts navigation.


These ETAs are sent by SMS or email to you, the relevant customers, and the contacts at collection and delivery sites. As the journey continues, the Navigation app continually re-evaluates each ETA.


If an ETA changes by 5 minutes or more, a new SMS or email is sent, keeping everyone informed, in real time, of the driver’s progress.

A person is holding a mobile phone with Mandata route planning mobile app

Get the right route for each vehicle

Routes are optimised using the vehicle’s dimensions, number of trailers, and whether you want to avoid difficult turns and toll roads.


These settings can be saved at fleet or vehicle level in the TMS and passed to the Navigation app to save time.


The driver is prompted to check the settings before navigation begins and to change them if necessary, giving you full control of each journey’s specifics.


Simple, intuitive navigation display and offline maps

The navigation display uses standard map symbols, with 2D or 3D views and day or night themes. Simulation mode lets the driver study a virtual route in advance.


In addition, maps for different regions and countries can be downloaded to use offline when there is no internet connection.


What’s more, the app automatically detects updates to downloaded maps and prompts the user to replace saved copies.

Halcyon Tankers 2

Get spoken directions in a language of your choice

Voice instructions, with turn-by-turn navigation, are available in most languages with text-to-speech and pre-recorded voice skins.


Pre-recorded voice skins provide basic manoeuvre instructions such as “turn right in 200 metres”, while text-to-speech voices also provide spoken street names, for example, “turn right in 200 metres onto Northumberland Street”.


Add stops manually or send them from the Manifests app

Drivers can add the stops they need to visit in different ways:

  • Manually, by doing a simple address search or by picking a destination from a list of saved addresses, or
  • Using the Manifests app to send a single address or an entire route to the Navigation app.

After adding stops, they can drag and drop them to easily rearrange their order.

Whether you’ve got 3, 30 or 300 vehicles,
we’ve got a solution for you.

mandata go logo

Desktop, cloud TMS for start-up to medium-sized operators with simpler business processes.

Core TMS features include:

Create standard jobs, bulk jobs and repeat job schedules
Customisable rate tables
Configurable job and stage planner
Multi-day load planning
Route sequencing
Map-based route confirmation
Visual load fill/utilisation
ETA notifications when integrated with Manifests and Navigation apps
Subcontractor management tools
Document scanning and storage
Documents emailed to customers automatically as jobs progress
Self-service customer portal
Simple file-based imports and exports
Accounts integrations
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Most Popular mandata-go-plus

Desktop, cloud TMS for medium to large sized operators with more complex business processes.

All the features of Go, PLUS the following:

Short-distance-running guide
Two-way pallet network integration
Custom data fields to capture all the details you need
Create your own dashboard layouts from our range of KPI charts and graphs
More powerful file-based imports/exports with enhanced data validation and third-party code translation
Developer API for seamless data transfer with third-party products
Seamless integration with major accounting software providers
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Mandata Enterprise TMS logo

If your needs are more complex, we also offer an enterprise-class bespoke transport management system.

All the features you’d expect including:

Dynamic map-based planning
Configurable, role-specific traffic planning screens
Pre-planning ETAs with live ETA updates and notifications when integrated with Manifests and Navigation apps
Empty mileage calculations updated as you add and amend loads
Configurable collection, delivery and load documentation
Create your own documentation and reports with our embedded custom report builder
Optional scale-out reporting server for data integration with existing business systems
Managed integrations to over 500 third-party systems
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Simplify, save, and prosper
– with a Mandata TMS