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Streamline your warehouse and logistics operations with a powerful warehouse management system (WMS) that brings together decades of WMS system best practice and covers all aspects of warehouse management.


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Always have real-time stock visibility

Reduce picking errors and keep track of stock levels, including visibility of expected and received quantities, directing warehouse operatives to locations where stock can be picked from. Pack stock into despatch containers, which removes it from stock ready for shipping, and update the WMS system by scanning the despatch containers as they are loaded onto vehicles.

One System

Manage everything in one system for greater visibility and control

Digitise the full warehousing and distribution process with Mandata’s integrated WMS software, from receipt of goods to storage, from order picking to shipping. Get a real-time view of your warehouse function, all in one place.

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Adapt easily to fluctuating demands to optimise storage capacity

Balance the peaks and troughs of seasonal, economic, and customer changes with a WMS system that helps you to manage your fulfilment and transportation process more effectively.

  • Maintain an accurate view of stock inventory to use warehousing space more efficiently with a visual Stock Location browser that can be quickly switched between capacity, utilisation, or availability with colour-coding to easily see Full or Empty locations.
  • Spend less time searching for high-frequency and fast-moving goods by specifying certain locations as pick faces. This allows your warehouse operatives to perform picks at ground level without the need for a forklift bringing down pallets and returning them back to higher levels.
  • Use the pick face replenishment report to keep stock in the pick faces topped up

Run your transport jobs in tandem with your warehouse operation

Align transport jobs with your warehouse operations to ensure jobs get planned and shipped on time, every time.

And, using the Export button in WMS system, a Mandata TMS job can be created without any double entry and return the TMS job number back to warehouse management system, so both teams can see each other’s reference numbers.


Increase cash flow with automatic invoicing and account updates

Improve your invoicing process and increase cash flow with automatic customer charging and warehouse invoicing onto separate Storage and RH&D invoices, or combine it in a single voice if preferred. Additional features include:

  • Automatic calculation of storage charges on a weekly or part-thereof basis ensures that you charge your customer for each pallet you’ve seen during the billing week.
  • Automatic update of movements with fixed RH&D charges and the ability to add further charges as necessary where customers have incurred other service charges such as pallet supply, wrap and stack or container devanning.
  • Linking third-party accounting systems such as Sage or Xero to create sales journals.

Enhance the performance of the WMS System

eWarehouse customer portal

eWarehouse customer portal

Give your customers a convenient web portal to submit job requests, view real-time stock levels, and see when goods have been dispatched.

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Tracks RF Scanning

Tracks RF Scanning

Speed up your goods in, goods out and internal stock relocation processes, ensuring you keep track of item quantities and their locations with this enhancement for the warehouse management system.

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