Live results in new reports exclusive to Mandata Go 

Get an instant bird’s-eye view of your business performance with the latest reporting dashboards in Mandata Go. Gone are the days of waiting around to see how your business is performing. Select the dates you’d like to review and with the push of a button you’ve generated your dashboard. Easily switch between the finance, job and stage views to review all areas of your business.

Have full visibility of your financial performance

Check job numbers, revenue and also compare your figures from this week to last week. 

  • Non invoiced job statistics – view a simple list of the number of un-invoiced jobs and un-invoiced revenue. You can view the details of the each job that hasn’t been invoiced.
  • Job revenue by day of week – compare the revenue you earned each day of the week to the previous week to see the weekly trends.
  • Weekly invoice amount for month – see how much you invoiced each week of this month, last month or a specific month.
Mandata Go Intuitive Dashboard

Never lose sight of your jobs at each stage of it’s journey

Check the status of individual jobs broken down into each stage of the process.

  • Stage summary statistics – see a list of jobs that have been planned and need to be planned, how many have a POC or POD, how many are complete, and how many did not conform.
  • Completed stage ratio by vehicle – see how many stages have been completed by each vehicle and how many have not. Drill down into your data to see the stages each vehicle has carried this week, and the stages that are complete or incomplete on each day.

See a real-time view of the progress of your jobs

Check off your weekly jobs with the job view report.

  • Jobs summary statistics – see how many jobs have a POD attached, have been invoiced, did not conform, or were cancelled.
  • Job count by status – view how many jobs are at each progress status.
  • Daily completed jobs ratio – see the percentage of jobs that have been marked as complete (and ready for invoicing) each day and the percentage that have not. 
  • Daily job conformance ratio – see what percentage of jobs that are  conformed each day. You can also see further details of the conformed jobs.
Mandata Go job view