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Digitise your haulage operation

Get your business off on the right track with a digital, cloud based transport management system.

  • Save time on all your processes, from orders to invoicing
  • Say goodbye to paperwork and time consuming manual tasks 
  • Create and send email invoices with ePODs attached, straight from your system
Mandata TMS Go for smaller haulage operators


Mandata simplifies the process of creating, receiving and pricing jobs.

  • Our software remembers everything about your customers so you don’t have to (such as job rates, location access etc).
  • Provides quick and automated ways to create and repeat jobs, without having to do the same manual tasks again and again.
  • Simplifies manual job input, providing all the details you need in one place.
  • Integrates with a web portal. Allow customers to place orders, see real-time job progress and download ePODs and Invoices relevant to their deliveries.
  • Integrates with shipper systems to streamline order processing.
Mandata Go job planner

Visualise and validate your plan on a screen

  • Visualise and validate your plan while optimising routes for jobs and operational KPIs.
  • Make positive changes to your plan to minimise empty-running and cost-per-mile.
  • Keep drivers informed. Produce documentation and send updates to a driver’s mobile without having to print or scan anything.
  • Add new work and make changes quickly, safely and profitably using live drivers’ hours.
ETA execution

Gain real-time visibility of your haulage operation

Ensure work is going to plan. React quickly, proactively and efficiently to changing situations throughout the day:

  • See real-time plan execution updates including load information, vehicle location and job status.
  • Amend your plan without having to re-do everything else.
  • Capture live information about your fleet and drivers to simplify compliance and governance.
  • Monitor driver and vehicle performance to make continuous improvements.
  • Receive proof-of-delivery and non-conformance details, saved behind the job for quick, simple and accurate invoicing.
Mandata contactless proof of delivery

No more paper proof of delivery with the Driver’s Manifest App

Say goodbye to the days of lost or illegible paper proof of delivery

  • Capture electronic signatures.
  • Take photographic evidence of successful deliveries.
  • All information captured using the Driver’s Manifest App automatically saves back to your job in the system. Meaning you have everything you need in one place to get your invoicing done as soon as jobs are marked as completed.
Invoicing in Mandata Go

Save up to 20 hours per week on invoicing

Save time, money and effort using a system that matches ePODs to invoices and emails to your customers for you.

  • Produce single or batch invoices within minutes.
  • Reconcile accounts and capture additional costs.
  • Simplify subcontractor work.
  • Automatic updates between Mandata TMS and accounts and payroll software saves time.
  • Gain live visibility and control of your financial performance.

Hear it from our customers

“We’ve halved the time that we used to spend on invoicing thanks to Mandata Go and planning has become so much easier being able to have all of the information on one screen. We’ve drastically improved customer experience now since our customers can log into the Customer Portal to access their ePODs immediately but it also saves us so much time for back-office staff waiting to receive and send them attached to invoices.”
KCL Logistics - Mandata Go customer grows business thanks to less time spent on admin
Andrew Dunn

Let Mandata do the heavy lifting in your business

Let us take the hard work out of managing your haulage operation, request a demo to see how Mandata Go can revolutionise your business.

Transport Management Systems for all types and sizes of haulage businesses

An integrated transport management system enables you to manage all aspects of your operation, with greater efficiency and visibility. 

Our software caters for businesses of all sizes and industries by giving you the solutions to your admin burdens. Digitising your operation will take the heavy lifting out of your admin and let paperwork be a thing of the past.

Mandata Go job planner