Plan, monitor, invoice & report on all the work you do with one system.

All the functionality you need to manage your road transport operation with greater visibility and efficiency is here, in one integrated transport management system, Mandata.


Streamline your Haulage Business

Avoid duplication and manual processes

Remove the need for manual input and rework, reduce errors and costs

Reduce your reliance on paperwork

Keep drivers informed, receive electronic proof of delivery and email invoice.

Stop searching multiple systems to find one answer

All your information is updated in real-time in one place.

6 Ways Mandata can help you manage all your haulage processes:

1. Simplify how you create, receive and price jobs

With efficient and accurate job creation solutions including automatic job imports and Web Order entry, it takes minutes to create jobs in your Mandata System.

2. Make better planning decisions

Minimise costs and simplify resource allocation with software that gives you clear visibility of the work you have to plan today and for weeks ahead. Visualise and validate the plan while optimising routes for jobs and operational KPIs.

3. Get a real-time view of your operation

With live feeds into the TMS your team is ready to adapt to evolving situations throughout the day and manage by exception.

4. Fast, Electronic Proof of Delivery

Receive ePODs as each job is complete. No need to transfer information or scan documents from one system to another. All the documentation you need is saved within the TMS for you and your customers to view / download.

5. Easy Invoicing and Accounts Updates

Reduce time, errors and cost of producing manual invoices. See which jobs are yet to be invoiced. Update your accounts systems in real-time to save time.

6. Make it easy for shippers to work with you

Provide solutions to simplify ordering and keep shippers informed with a Customer Portal enabling real-time ordering, live visibility of job progress and electronic proof of delivery and invoices.

Talk to your local Account Manager – Phil Newton

Phil has worked in the transport industry for many years, and is based in Northern Ireland.  His role is to help you improve your business using integrated transport management technology.

He’ll start by understanding your business and discussing your challenges; how you’re currently working and what you’d like to improve.  Once you’ve discussed your needs Phil will be able to show you how we can help.

To discuss your requirements please call us on 0191 250 2220.

You can also connect with Phil on LinkedIn

What our Customers Say:

Patrick Derry, Derry Refrigerated

With the Mandata TMS in place we can now comfortably manage between 400 and 500 jobs per day. The flexibility of the system has allowed us to grow to the size that we are now.

Without a doubt, if we hadn’t had Mandata on board we couldn’t have gotten to where we are today.

Roger Allen, Allen Logistics

All of our customers can log in to and print PODs, so we just send all of our invoices out by email via the Mandata TMS.  Our Customers can then can see the job number, view and print the matching POD documents as they need and the job’s done. The system provides customers with complete visibility and helps keep them informed, it’s great.

Alec O’Riordan, AOR Refrigeration

I can foresee that as reliance on Mandata grows, man hours will be cut even further – perhaps as much as 30 hours a week could be saved.

For a small but ambitious firm like ours, this is a huge saving and will enable us to investigate deploying or reallocating resources to other tasks to improve other areas as we expand the business.

Mark McKavanagh, Sawyers Transport (Now AGRO Merchants)

Mandata has been the driving force behind many successes since Sawyers’ first utilised its capabilities to computerise invoicing procedures. Using the eInvoicing feature delivered instant benefits, shaving weeks off the time it took to process invoices, which are now turned around within days of delivery.

Discuss your project with us

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