Alweras-based haulage business, RJK Logistics has saved 20 hours per week on invoicing alone since implementing Mandata Go back in 2019 and transformed the way they run their operation. Thanks to the enormous time savings and reduced administrative burden RJK Logistics has experienced, the business has grown, took on more work and increased the fleet from 4 to 7 vehicles within 2 years, and the business has ambitions to grow further.

Mainly operating in bulk aggregate and muck away, RJK Logistics have been able to speed up their order to cash cycle by transforming their outdated planning system and going digital using an integrated app. Drivers can record the weight of their load and the details are updated in real-time in the TMS for back-office staff to see. This means they can calculate the price of the job and take payment upfront – which is something they couldn’t have done without Mandata Go.

David Griffiths, Director of RJK Logistics, mentioned the way they were planning jobs worked, but as the business grew, it became more difficult to manage. He said, “since implementing Go we can plan our jobs in 5 minutes rather than 40 minutes. This means I can get my planning done during the day rather than having to complete it at home after the working day has finished.”

Customer satisfaction is important in the haulage industry, as a happy customer will be a returning customer. David added “If any customers have queries about previous jobs we’ve done, we can now find information about those jobs in minutes whilst they’re on the phone, rather than having to end the call to find the information and ring back once we’ve found it. This makes customer service so much easier for us.”

As well as adopting Mandata Go back in 2019, David and the RJK Logistics team also implemented Mandata Vehicle Tracking and the Vehicle Checks app. This meant they could see where their vehicles were and the health of the fleet, and with all this information feeding into the main TMS system, they had the visibility and control they needed. Many haulage operators like RJK Logistics are continuing to invest in new systems to improve processes. As the market recovers after COVID-19 and work volumes increase, the investment made in the last couple of years means RJK is in a good position with technology to support further growth.

Also, being able to work remotely as a team and complete tasks quickly has streamlined the business setting it up for growth. Enjoying benefits such as time and cost savings and better visibility of their business as a result. Being able to strike a better work-life balance is so important, particularly when you’re an owner operator and responsible for doing many different tasks throughout the day.

Mandata Group offers haulage and logistics software solutions for a wide variety of haulage operators, from one-vehicle operatives through to those with hundreds of vehicles on the road at any one time. Road transport operators from all sectors of the industry use Mandata to manage their processes from order to execution and invoice and counts the likes of other hauliers Skelcher Express, Estuary Freight and TRS Tyres, among its customer base.

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