Falcon Freight efficiency soars with Mandata

Falcon Freight efficiency soars with help of Mandata TMS

Customer Profile


Transport and logistics of tower crane
components, self-erecting tower cranes and
ballast. Transportation of rigging mats,
containers and cabins.


To manage all aspects of transport
management with one system.

About the Company:

Based in Dunstable, Bedfordshire

Company Size:

40 Vehicles, 32 Trailers

Business Concerns:

Current TMS was going EoL. Switched
TMS to reach greater efficiencies and
improve job planning.

Mandata Solution:

Mandata Go with integrated ManifestsPlus
app for ePODs and Sat Nav.

A crane transport specialist is experiencing an efficiency uplift after switching to a Mandata Go transport management system.

Falcon Freight was established in 2019 as a subsidiary to Falcon Tower Crane Services, providing all haulage services to the wider Group as well as its own client base. Based in Dunstable near Bedfordshire, it operates worldwide. In the UK it offers nationwide coverage with a strong focus on London, the South and Midlands.

Falcon Freight specialises in the transport and logistics of tower crane components, self-erecting tower cranes, and ballast including test weights. It also provides transport of rigging mats, containers and cabins. The company holds FORS Gold accreditation and CLOCS certification.

Job planning improvements

The company has seen an improvement in planning times after migrating from the Stirling transport management system to Mandata Go last year. “It is definitely saving us time across the team,” said Trevor Lawrence-Bell, transport planner for Falcon Freight.

“It is about 20% quicker in terms of transport planning. It is much easier to use, input information and plan work, and gives us much greater visibility of what’s happening throughout the day.”

Trevor Lawrence-Bell, Transport Planner

“What we do at Falcon Freight is pretty unique, so we needed a robust system and Go is ideal for our needs” said Trevor.

Go is specifically designed for small and medium-sized hauliers looking to simplify everything from customer ordering and job planning to real-time job execution, proof of delivery and invoicing. It enables hauliers to control every stage of the haulage process, and planning is made easy with a user-configurable job planner supporting multi-drop and full load operations, using drag and drop functionality and map-based route planning.

Another key benefit for Falcon Freight is the POD and invoicing functionality. With Mandata Go, drivers can capture digital signatures as proof of delivery or use the camera on their mobile phones to take photos of paperwork, instantly uploaded to the TMS and matched to the job, which then triggers the sending of the POD to the customer.

“Mandata Go is a much easier system to use, it’s very user-friendly.”

Rachel Gale, Transport Manager

“One of the main benefits for me, is the electronic proof of delivery which speeds up our invoicing process. As Invoices are created in the TMS and PODs automatically attached and emailed out to customers, invoicing is now much quicker and easier, which means less admin for our accounts team and better cash flow. It is definitely saving us time across the board,” said Rachel.

Easy transition from Stirling to Mandata Go TMS

The Mandata Implementation and Training team supported Falcon Freight through their migration from Stirling to their new Mandata Go TMS.

“No one likes learning a new system, but Mandata supported us throughout the transition and were very helpful,” said Rachel.

“Overall, it was very straightforward, and we are now able to reap the benefits. Mandata Go is much more streamlined and is better in every aspect, from transport planning and ePod to invoicing.”


With the system now established, the team at Falcon Freight are saving time in their day-to-day operations, which has freed up time to focus on continuing to grow their business.

Why does Mandata Go suit Falcon Freight so well?

All hauliers have their own way of planning. The beauty of Mandata Go is that it gives hauliers a choice of planning interfaces to use.  The ‘slot job planner‘ is the ideal tool for operators like Falcon Freight, as it brings everything a planner needs onto one simple view on a page. You can see outstanding work at the top, and all of the other jobs planned in, as well as gaps in the schedule where you can plan in more work if you need to.

It also gives you great visibility of jobs in progress, with details about the job, such as whether the driver has accepted the work and how the job is progressing, there for you to see at-a-glance. You can also make changes to the plan in just a few clicks.

We’d recommend Go to any small haulage operator who’s short on time and wants to get jobs planned with the minimum of fuss. You can also have the flexibility of working at home or in the office.

If you’d like to know more about Go, drop us a line to talk to us about your business and see how Go can help.

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