TWE Haulage make better use of resources with a Mandata TMS

TWE Haulage use Mandata transport management system to improve their pallet network operation

Customer Profile


General Haulage, Pallet Network Distribution


To streamline business
processes and save time.

About the Company:

Based in Banbury, Oxford

Company Size:

28 Vehicles

Business Concerns:

Time consuming POD returns process.
Needed to offer same level of service in
general haulage as offered in pallet network.

Mandata Solution:

Mandata Enterprise transport
management system and integrated apps

“We no longer have to rely on manual paper-based processes, and we’ve streamlined our whole operation with the help of Mandata’s Enterprise transport management system and integrated apps.”

Ross Edden, Managing Director

TWE Haulage, the Oxfordshire-based road transport and pallet distribution company, says its investment in a Mandata transport management system (TMS) is playing a pivotal role in its ongoing growth and success.

The company provides a dedicated road transport and pallet network distribution service as a member of TPN (The Pallet Network), and has combined both sets of work to manage both sides of the operation in one place, with the help of Mandata.

Improvements in vehicle utilisation, driver communication, and cash flow are just some of the benefits the company has reported.

“Mandata has improved our business in numerous different ways,” said Ross Edden, Managing Director of TWE Haulage. “We no longer have to rely on manual paper-based processes, and we’ve streamlined our whole operation with the help of Mandata’s Enterprise TMS and integrated mobile apps.”

Technology supported the business during economic downturn

During challenging times, Ross believes it’s even more important for hauliers to use technology. “The recent economic downturn has meant work has been a lot quieter for many hauliers,” says Ross “but we’ve been able to use technology to our advantage, making better use of resources and refining processes.”

“A transport management system allows you to utilise vehicles the best you can, plan more effectively to reduce empty mileage and minimise costs.  It also helps us with ongoing driver challenges by making sure the environment is right for drivers, provide the best equipment and make it easier for them to do their work.”

Benefits of managing road transport and pallet network jobs in one TMS

Since implementing Mandata, visibility has improved and both the road transport and pallet network sides of the business have been transformed, Ross explains:  “They used to be two separate entities. Now, Mandata’s allowed us to bring them together to route both sets of customers more efficiently.”

TWE also use EDI functionality developed by Mandata which means all freight goes into the one system automatically from their TPN system.

Groupage has improved the efficiency of vehicle usage, and they can see all the work going through the company in one place. As work is planned together, in the one transport management system at the same time, they’re able to make better use of their drivers and fleet.

“Before Mandata, we had a very manual way of doing things. We were using spreadsheets to plan work, but this meant only one person could do it. Now all our traffic planners can see what’s going on and make the most of the resources available.”

Driver communications improved

The introduction of Mandata’s Manifests app has also made it easier to keep everyone informed, with real-time updates, Ross explains: “The Manifests app has made our driver’s lives easier, as there’s less paperwork to keep in the cab and work through. Our drivers have more information about their delivery or collection points on their smartphones, and they can see addresses, any special instructions, phone numbers, route or access restrictions too.”

“They have confidence in where they’re going and how they’re going to get there. It also cuts down phone calls with the offices and gives drivers more autonomy.”

Faster invoicing and cashflow

The introduction of electronic PODs also enabled TWE to streamline invoicing.  Since using the Mandata Enterprise transport management system, invoicing processes have also significantly improved as ePODs come back into the system from the driver’s Manifests app, speeding up invoicing and cash flow.

“We can’t invoice until a job is complete and we can’t invoice until a job has a clear POD on it.  Before, if a driver was out for four nights, we’d have to wait until all the paperwork was back, then match and scan all the paperwork. It would take three to four days to get invoices out after a job was completed.

“Now with ePODs, we can invoice straight away, and this has increased cashflow by four or five days….easy.”

By consolidating its road transport and pallet network operation on to one transport management ssystem and introducing a live planning system, along with electronic proof of delivery, the TWE Haulage operation is equipped to grow and scale-up easily with the help of integrated Mandata transport management software solutions.

Whether you plan for 20 or 200 vehicles, Mandata has the transport management software to help make your job easier

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Desktop, cloud TMS for start-up to medium-sized operators with simpler business processes.

Core TMS features include:

Create standard jobs, bulk jobs and repeat job schedules
Customisable rate tables
Configurable job and stage planner
Multi-day load planning
Route sequencing
Map-based route confirmation
Visual load fill/utilisation
ETA notifications when integrated with Manifests and Navigation apps
Subcontractor management tools
Document scanning and storage
Documents emailed to customers automatically as jobs progress
Self-service customer portal
Simple file-based imports and exports
Accounts integrations
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Most Popular mandata-go-plus

Desktop, cloud TMS for medium to large sized operators with more complex business processes.

All the features of Go, PLUS the following:

Short-distance-running guide
Two-way pallet network integration
Custom data fields to capture all the details you need
Create your own dashboard layouts from our range of KPI charts and graphs
More powerful file-based imports/exports with enhanced data validation and third-party code translation
Developer API for seamless data transfer with third-party products
Seamless integration with major accounting software providers
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If your needs are more complex, we also offer an enterprise-class bespoke transport management system.

All the features you’d expect including:

Dynamic map-based planning
Configurable, role-specific traffic planning screens
Pre-planning ETAs with live ETA updates and notifications when integrated with Manifests and Navigation apps
Empty mileage calculations updated as you add and amend loads
Configurable collection, delivery and load documentation
Create your own documentation and reports with our embedded custom report builder
Optional scale-out reporting server for data integration with existing business systems
Managed integrations to over 500 third-party systems
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