Universal Tankers thanks Mandata for supporting its growth and success

Universal Tankers thank Mandata for growth and success

Customer Profile


Waste management services


To streamline business

About the Company:

Based in Stokesley, Teesside

Company Size:

85 Vehicles across group

Business Concerns:

Needed to reduce manual effort, and
improve communications and visibility.

Mandata Solution:

Mandata Enterprise and integrated apps

“Using Mandata, allows visibility to be as clear as it can be. We can split work between north and south of the UK, that can then be sorted easily into postcodes, addresses and customers, so we can plan the work efficiently.

Matthew Tanfield, Operations Director

Teesside-based Universal Tankers says the company wouldn’t have expanded to the size it is today, without Mandata.

The vacuum tanker operator based in Stockton-on-Tees, which specialises in waste-water removal and water delivery, operates a fleet of 85 vehicles from 22 depots throughout England and Scotland, supported by an integrated suite of transport management solutions from its software partner Mandata.

Universal started its transition from paper to a computerised transport management system ten years ago, as it looked to streamline operations, driver workflow and communications, and accounts.

Matthew Tanfield, Operations Director explains: “When we first introduced the Mandata TMS, we went from paper to using computer and it was ground-breaking at the time.  We’ve now moved on to using the Manifests app on handheld tablets, Mandata’s tracking systems with driver behaviour, as well as vehicle defect reports.  This gives us full transparency, from planning the job through to invoicing.”

The company has grown rapidly since then when it was carrying out 50 jobs per day with 10 trucks. Now, they’re doing over 500 jobs per day.

The traffic team at Universal can plan work in numerous different ways with Mandata, depending on the needs of the customer.  The TMS not only enables work to be planned efficiently to get the most from their fleet, but it also keeps everyone informed once work is underway.

“Using Mandata, allows visibility to be as clear as it can be. We can split work between north and south of the UK, that can then be sorted easily into postcodes, addresses and customers, so we can plan the work efficiently.” said Matthew.

“Once the truck is on the road and the work has been sent to the driver’s Manifests app, we can keep track of them with our tracking system and hand-held tablets using the Manifests app.  Then, when a job is signed off onsite, the office is notified. That’s followed up with a signature on a waste transfer note or POD with a photograph of the job instantaneously,” Matthew explains.

“One of the main benefits is we’ve reduced time we spend on the phone to drivers. This is time we can spend elsewhere, whether it’s planning the next day or even looking for more work.”

Matthew Tanfield, Operations Director

In fact, Matthew Tanfield believes some of the biggest improvements made have been with mobile technology.

“When it comes to driver visibility and them receiving their work, once the work is planned on an afternoon or evening, drivers can receive that work within a couple of minutes to their tablet and handheld device.”

As the industry is reactive and additional jobs are received throughout the day, the TMS is enabling Universal to respond quickly to customers, Matthew explains: “When drivers are out on the road and additional jobs come in, they can be uploaded easily and with drivers within minutes. This allows us to be far more responsive and get urgent jobs done quickly for our customers, which they appreciate.”

Nicola Walton, the firm’s Senior Accounts Administrator says the TMS is also helping from an admin and accounts point of view. “Before we implemented Mandata, we literally had to type out every invoice we created using a book, going into our accounts package and creating, saving, printing and posting each one.”

“For fifty jobs a day, that would take us around two days. Invoicing is now taking an hour maximum, from running a report, to sending an invoice out to customers, and that’s with ten times as many jobs!”

Nicola Walton, Senior Accounts Administrator

“The best part of the system from an accounting point of view is everything is automatic and saves a lot of time.  We really appreciate being able to cross-check between our TMS and accounts system. The integration is so good that it saves a lot of time and effort, which in turn means we can get on and do other parts of our job more efficiently,” said Nicola.

In summarising, Matthew says they mostly appreciate the amount of time the system is saving. From planning a day’s work, to sorting jobs into areas, all the way through to invoicing and PODs.

“Our PODs can be sent automatically the day after to our customers, and that saves probably 2 to 3 hours a day from where it used to be.  We’re doing 500 jobs a day, that’s 500 PODs and it needs to be automatic and streamlined.”

Matthew Tanfield, Operations Director

Matthew says it’s hard to expand using old methods and would recommend Mandata to other hauliers who are also looking to grow and succeed.  The team at Mandata are partners who will support the business as it continues its journey of further growth.

Whether you plan for 20 or 200 vehicles, Mandata has the transport management software to help make your job easier

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Desktop, cloud TMS for start-up to medium-sized operators with simpler business processes.

Core TMS features include:

Create standard jobs, bulk jobs and repeat job schedules
Customisable rate tables
Configurable job and stage planner
Multi-day load planning
Route sequencing
Map-based route confirmation
Visual load fill/utilisation
ETA notifications when integrated with Manifests and Navigation apps
Subcontractor management tools
Document scanning and storage
Documents emailed to customers automatically as jobs progress
Self-service customer portal
Simple file-based imports and exports
Accounts integrations
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Desktop, cloud TMS for medium to large sized operators with more complex business processes.

All the features of Go, PLUS the following:

Short-distance-running guide
Two-way pallet network integration
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Create your own dashboard layouts from our range of KPI charts and graphs
More powerful file-based imports/exports with enhanced data validation and third-party code translation
Developer API for seamless data transfer with third-party products
Seamless integration with major accounting software providers
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All the features you’d expect including:

Dynamic map-based planning
Configurable, role-specific traffic planning screens
Pre-planning ETAs with live ETA updates and notifications when integrated with Manifests and Navigation apps
Empty mileage calculations updated as you add and amend loads
Configurable collection, delivery and load documentation
Create your own documentation and reports with our embedded custom report builder
Optional scale-out reporting server for data integration with existing business systems
Managed integrations to over 500 third-party systems
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