A refrigerated transport specialist is saving time and growing thanks to its new cloud transport management system, Mandata TMS Go!

AOR International Transport, based in Cork in the Republic of Ireland, introduced  TMS Go! twelve months ago from specialist transport management software provider Mandata.   The director’s aim was to simplify deliveries and improve efficiency.

The firm operates 4 HGV’s across Ireland, the UK and Europe. It has seen an estimated 10-15% saving in man-hours, now deliveries are being planned on TMS Go!

AOR’s owner Alec O’Riordan expects to invest further in technology to meet a growing demand for refrigerated haulage.

Meeting the needs of a growing business

Designed to improve the visibility and reduce admin TMS Go! provides AOR with an easy-to-use, cloud transport management solution.

The new system enables the haulier to simplify how it manages procedures; from order processing and job entry through to invoicing, with a single computerised system.

Alec O’Riordan is impressed by the system and the improvements his business has experienced.

He says:  “TMS Go! is an easy-to-use system, it’s also advanced enough to cope with managing split loads, single loads or palletised deliveries.”

Real-time data providing visibility

He also believes that having critical performance data to hand on a single user dashboard is “transforming business operations”, offering clearer visibility around load progress and driver performance.

“TMS Go! is a good system. It’s very effective for small operators like us who are looking for the benefits of a large TMS but without the associated costs.

“I would estimate around 35% of the current workload is being processed through the TMS Go! – around 25-30 jobs a day. This will only increase as the system becomes more widely integrated as we scale-up operations in the face of demand for our haulage services.”

Refrigerated transport is a demanding 24/7 operation that never stands still. In the face of constant customer pressure for even more added value, firms like AOR are set to continue to invest in technologies that deliver measurable ROI, says Alec O’Riordan.

“Increasing the quality of operational visibility and opening further access to critical real-time data via cloud services has to be the way ahead,” he says. “Low cost, but effective transport management technologies, will be a critical catalyst in anyone’s growth plans.”

Integration with Sage “extremely beneficial”

The capability to connect directly to Sage accounts and email invoicing is “extremely beneficial” to AOR.  Automatic updates between systems has reduced admin and Alec predicts that these plus advanced remote logging capability, will reduce man-hours even further.

“We’ll probably be saving around 30 hours a week with less admin and manual processes.

“For a small but ambitious firm like ours, this is a huge saving and will enable us to investigate deploying or reallocating resources to other tasks to improve other areas as we expand the business.”

TMS Go! is playing a significant role in helping Alec O’Riordan balance the needs of running a small business with meeting the needs of customers, while also helping to secure growth in a highly competitive sector.

Like to know more about TMS Go!

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