A start-up haulage firm has adopted a Cloud-hosted Mandata TMS to help get its business started on the right track for future success.

Felixstowe based Team Haul Limited was founded in June 2016 as a subsidiary of long-established freight forwarder and warehousing company, Marexport UK. Traditionally, Marexport UK’s distribution has been handled by third party sub-contractors, but recent growth within the business has led the firm to apply for its own operator licence, and bring its nationwide distribution in-house.

Distribution brought in-house

Director at Team Haul, Luca Vergano, said: “At the moment, Marexport has 200,000 square feet of warehousing and moves around 5,000 containers a year via third-party operators. As the business has grown, it made sense to start handling some of the distribution directly, which is why we have created Team Haul, to offer a dedicated service to Marexport.”

Providing storage and distribution services to the printing and retail industries, Marexport and Team Haul handle the respective on-time deliveries of magazines and domestic appliances, for a number of Blue Chip, high-street retailers.

With timely and efficient deliveries of vital importance to its customers, Marexport has had to place a lot of trust in its network of sub-contractors to deliver a consistent level of service on its behalf. “We’ve never failed a delivery, or a collection service, but without a doubt, when you’re having to rely on third parties, it makes things a bit more complicated,” Luca said.

“By bringing our distribution in-house, we will be able to provide a more centralised service to our customers, as we’ll be handling the full job process ourselves from start to finish; and with our new Mandata TMS in place, we will be able to control and monitor our performance more closely, and provide customers with the insights that they need.”

Recommendation leads to adoption of Mandata TMS

Team Haul chose to adopt a Mandata Cloud TMS because staff within the business had had a positive experience working with Mandata’s systems with a previous employer; long-standing Mandata customer, GMA Warehousing.

Although the company is still very much finding its feet, the implementation of the Mandata Cloud TMS is helping Team Haul to establish efficient back-office processes, so that the firm can hit the ground running once its first heavy goods vehicles arrive in November.

“We’re only using the basic elements of the TMS at the moment to record jobs and report on profit and loss, but once our vehicles arrive, we’ll be using the system to plan and manage our whole operation,” Luca said.

“Even at this early stage, just by having the Mandata TMS in place, we’re already providing a more managed service to our customers, and we can see through the reports produced by the TMS that our distribution performance has improved, which is making our customers happy.”

Looking forwards, Team Haul has ambitious plans for the future. Within the next 3 years, the company is hoping to acquire a fleet of 15 vehicles in order to manage the current workload supplied by Marexport, but from there, the sky is the limit.

“Acquiring a fleet and growing the business organically is the medium term plan, but as far as the future goes, who knows?” Luca said. “For now, our main focus is our customers. We need to work hard to make sure that we continue to provide the highest possible levels of service, so that the transition of the business goes as smoothly for them as it does for us.”