One of the UK’s leading suppliers of logistics services to the automotive sector is using Mandata’s TMS (Manpack3) transport management system to achieve competitive advantages.

Brit European supplies a range of services including specialist drivers, volume vehicle processing, transportation of bulk liquid chemicals and materials handling equipment.

It also operates in the car and vehicle management and supply sector – its biggest market is the delivery of commercial vehicles to dealerships on behalf of manufacturers.

At the heart of its philosophy lies a commitment to putting customers first, moving to meet the demands of constantly changing environments and aiming to deliver high levels of service and added value solutions.

In 2001, the company saw the value of investing in a state-of-the-art Mandata TMS transport management system in a move to stay ahead of its competitors and meet its strong commitment to its many UK and European customers.

Since then, Brit European has become a by-word for service and excellence in a highly competitive industry – and has continually updated its TMS with the latest features and enhancements to drive down costs, operate more efficiently and enhance its service offering.

Building on early successes, the company has integrated PDA manifests, electronic invoicing, Advanced Services online job entry and visibility solution, Workshop Management and PDA vehicle inspection features with its Manpack3 system, as it’s looked to stay ahead with leaner and smarter logistical management technology.

Using Mandata technology has enabled Brit European to re-engineer its manual, time consuming processes and automate repetitive yet necessary tasks; in the process improving customer service, generating business efficiencies, growing market share and boosting profits – all without the need for a lot more staff.  The Mandata TMS (Manpack3) is an easy-to-use PC-based system which offers seamless integration with bolt-on modules such as Smartphone Manifest App providing electronic Proof of Delivery (ePOD). This enables information from key business functions such as Accounts and Payroll to feed into one central system minimising errors and duplication of work.

Maximising the Profitability of Jobs

Accounts, workshop and traffic operations staff at Brit European use Mandata TMS  to process load information and manage data centrally. The company has realised significant savings since using the system.

Wages and expenses are calculated via the Mandata TMS and Sage, while invoices are automatically sent by email once a load has been delivered, saving time and mailing costs in the process.

Andrew Shore, Brit European’s IT administrator said: “As expenses are calculated automatically there’s no room for error and this gives us the true cost of a job as well as the true margin that makes up the job. This system alone has saved us 20 man hours a week and enabled us to maximise the profitability of jobs.”

Furthermore, expenses for trade plate drivers are added via a PDA after each vehicle delivery before being automatically saved to job sheets within Mandata TMS (Manpack3) and added to the client’s final invoice. “As information is tied to the job sheet, there’s no seepage and every expense is accounted for from start to finish. This also means we can easily report on costs.”

Complete visibility and control for customers too

Added value is a key component of the service Brit European gives its customers and here the Mandata TMS is being used to great effect to provide extra benefits.

The inclusion of the Web Services Manager Portal ensures customers can log in to a web-based service that allows them to book their own jobs and quickly see the status of their deliveries in real-time.

Since implementing Web Services Mandata’s web-based booking system, Brit European has received positive feedback from customers says Andrew Shore.

“Customers like the system as it enables them to control their deliveries and the system has given them complete visibility,” he explains.

“For JCB, we deliver stock to a holding compound. When they are ready to release vehicles, they can say when and where they want them delivering to. One of our operators sees it on the system and plans the delivery. This is a huge leap forward as using the online system enables them to manage their own deliveries, and as the onus is on the customer to input job details correctly, there are no errors. It’s proving to be a strong differentiator for us.”

Nick Dutton, Finished Machine Distribution Manager at JCB, said: “The vehicle compound system has streamlined our processes for adding and releasing vehicles for Brit European to deliver. We are able to manage deliveries ourselves online, and see immediately the delivery status of vehicles and the results of vehicle inspections. This gives us a new level of control and transparency throughout the supply chain. It’s adopting innovative processes such as this that enhances our reputation for unrivalled customer service.”

It’s clear that Mandata’s systems are having a huge impact at Brit European, transforming the way it operates and adding real value across many areas of the business and customer service.

Graham Lackey, managing director, offers the final verdict: “With a strong focus on customer service, we’re using integrated systems to improve performance, communication and efficiency. Mandata has helped to transform our clients business as well as our own.”

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