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Need to simplify your waste transportation process?

Eliminate paperwork. Reduce duplication. Gain complete visibility of your operation in real-time and maintain a complete audit trail with Mandata.

A Mandata transport management system provides complete transparency for waste management operators, from the point of collection through to delivery.  Enabling you to manage everything from orders to invoice with one transport management system, whilst collecting and recording essential information to maintain a complete record of waste movements.

Reduce your workload and ensure you have accurate information when you need it with Mandata.

Digitise your waste transfer operation. Eliminate paperwork and duplication of effort.  Collect signatures at every point you need using our integrated app.

How a Mandata transport management system can help you

Accept orders on-line, send work to a driver’s smartphone via Mandata. And, instead of 5 or 6 pieces of paper for each job, drivers can carryout the job, collecting signatures as they go using our uniquely designed Manifest app with Waste Transfer functionality.   Drivers can even change addresses and make updates to the job, as and when required.

Progress updates are recorded instantly within the TMS along with electronic Waste Transfer Notes to review and download; speeding up the invoice and accounting process.

Plan work in a Mandata transport management system and update the details on a driver’s smartphone using the Mandata Manifest App.

Reduce your workload and ensure you have accurate information and electronic documentation when you need it.

Mandata enables you to:

  • Be fully accountable for the waste you transport
  • Replace paperwork with mobile technology that updates your main transport management system instantly. Eliminating duplication.
  • Capture any changes in collection or delivery address details instantly. Avoiding manual data entry.
  • Generate electronic waste transfer notes via the TMS. Minimising the additional work you have to do.
  • Update job details on the driver’s Manifest app as you make changes to job details and receive instant updates back in the Traffic Office.
  • Instant messaging between the traffic office and driver via the Manifest app.
  • Ensure and provide evidence that waste has been disposed of correctly.
  • Plan all your jobs using the necessary EWC codes you require.

*TMS Go! only


Interested to see how Mandata can simplify your Waste Transport Operation?

We’d be delighted to show you how our platform works. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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