Manage your waste transfer operation with greater efficiency and visibility

Need to reduce your workload and make the whole process from job creation to invoicing quicker and easier? Simplify your back-office procedures with a system that does the time-consuming work for you.

Mandata TMS Go! Transport Management System Software

Take the stress out of running your waste transfer operation:

  • Work anytime, anywhere – at home or in the office
  • Reduce admin and paperwork
  • See if work is going to plan with live tracking
  • Capture signatures on collection and delivery of waste plus weights and quantities
  • Generate Environment Agency Waste Return Reports in minutes
  • Speed up your invoicing process with email invoicing
  • Save time with updates between Waste Go and your Accounts system

Mandata TMS Go! Cloud TMS Customer Portal for Shippers

Quick Accurate Job Input

Simple ways to create, enter and price jobs:

  • Convenient Self-Serve Customer Portal – shippers can book jobs on-line, view delivery progress and download electronic waste transfer notes
  • Customer Database – all your customer records in one place, ensuring jobs are accurately priced, and the correct resources allocated to every job
  • Import Customer Jobs – avoid manual input and errors by importing jobs into the TMS
  • Easily repeat Standard Jobs – create multiple jobs today for days and weeks ahead to simplify the allocation of drivers and vehicles.
Mandata TMS Go! Transport Management Software Traffic Pad

Job Management made easy

See jobs to do and build loads quickly:

  • All the details you need in one place. Comprehensive list of EWC codes and waste descriptions
  • Drivers can record changes within the app – ensuring accurate details are recorded in your TMS
  • Easy resource allocation. Manage driver and vehicle availability with a simple month-to-view-calendar
  • Visualise and validate your plan. See revenue you’ll make and the route your drivers will take. Make changes to your plan easily.
  • Simplify Compliance. Add extra jobs safely with the help of live driver’s hours.
  • Keep driver’s informed. Mandata can send work you’ve planned to a driver’s mobile in an instant ensuring they’re always viewing the latest job details
Mandata Waste Go creates Environment Agneyc Generic Operator Returns (GOR)

Environment Agency Waste Return Reports

In Mandata Go* it’s easy to produce a Quarterly Waste Return report for the period you need. The report includes:

  • Origin of waste received or destination of waste removed 
  • Disposal and Recovery codes allocated to every waste receipt or removal that describes how it was handled
  • Waste Received and Waste Removed reports match the layout of the Environment Agency’s Generic Operator Returns (GOR) spreadsheet

*Please note EA reports are standard in Go but need to be customised in Mandata TMS. Please enquire for further details.

Ready to see what Mandata can do for you?

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Collection and delivery signatures are captured using the Waste Go Waste Management App

Easy-to-use integrated Driver Waste Carrier app for Mandata Go. Speeds up Waste Transfer Note returns.

Information is saved instantly behind the job:

  • Electronic Waste Transfer Notes – signatures gathered at collection and delivery points saved behind a job automatically. There’s no filing or scanning to do
  • Drivers can update details in the app – ensuring all the information you need such as goods, pricing, unscheduled changes is captured and updated in real-time
  • SIC (Standard Industrial Classification) codes – featured on the signature screen
  • EWC codes – displayed on all goods lines
  • Non Conformance details – are updated as each job is completed, enabling you to respond quickly to issues
  • Scanned Paperwork (OCR) – if you need to, you can scan and attach documents to jobs
Mandata TMS Go! Traffic Pad for Planning and Monitoring Road Transport Operations

Real-time Load Tracking

Gain full visibility of work in progress. See if work is going to plan:

  • Real-time plan updates. Including vehicle location, job/load status and driver’s hours
  • Simplify Operational Compliance. Record daily walk-around checks, identify defects early to minimise disruption to your business
  • Integrated Tracking & Telematics. Track loads, vehicles and trailers with ease.
  • Automated Tacho Download. View real-time driver’s hours to simplify planning.


Mandata TMS Go! helps to simplify Invoicing for Haulage Operators

Go paperless with Email Invoicing. Save time with Accounts updates.

  • See which jobs need to be invoiced – produce single and batch invoices easily
  • Email invoices along with POD attachments – automatically emailed to customers saving time and postage
  • Balance your books with Accounts Integration – output a file from TMS Go! to update your accounts system
  • Finance Reporting – output reports to see how your company is performing