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Plan, monitor, invoice & report on all the work you do with one system.

All the functionality you need to manage your road transport operation with greater visibility and efficiency is here, in one customisable integrated transport management system – the Mandata TMS.

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Streamline Orders & Job Entry

Mandata provides multiple ways to receive and process orders; simplifying order processing for you and your customers.

  • Customer Database – All details relating to your Customers centralised in one place for fast accurate order processing including; addresses, contacts, job rates and pricing, map/geo-fence details, vehicle/trailer restrictions and opening/closing times to name a few.
  • Job Creation – Collection / delivery info, location access and job instructions support consistently accurate job creation.
  • Job Creation Schedules – All standard jobs created and repeated at the press of a button, enabling you to plan work days, weeks or months ahead, simplifying resource allocation.
  • Job Imports from Shipper Systems – Jobs and orders automatically imported from Shipper and Pallet Network Systems. They appear in the TMS ready to plan.
  • Customer Portal –  New orders are updated in the TMS automatically – saving time. Avoiding any need for manual job entry.

Mandata TMS (Manpack 3) Job Entry Screens

Mandata TMS (Manpack 3) Drag and Drop Traffic Pad makes planning loads simpler for hauliers

Simplify Job Planning & Resource Allocation

Make the most of your resources with a customisable, Mandata drag and drop Traffic Pad. It has all the functionality you’ll need to make smart planning decisions on one screen.

  • Resource Management and Allocation – See jobs to do and build loads easily using live available resources (drivers, vehicles, trailers and sub-contractors).
  • Route Sequencing – Visualise planned routes with Map-based planning.
  • Visualise and Validate your Plan – Make informed decisions. View Driver Hours, Empty Running, Load Fill, Margin and Cost Per Mile as you plan.
  • Plan jobs safely. Stay Compliant –  See Live Drivers Hours and Vehicle Maintenance schedules as you plan.
  • Manifests – Driver Informed –  The TMS sends Manifests direct to a driver’s mobile Manifest app; they progress work in the sequence you plan.
Mandata transport mangement software and drivers hours for effective delivery planning

Operate & Monitor with Real-time Visibility

Mandata gives you the ability to react quickly, proactively and efficiently to changing situations throughout the day:

  • See real-time plan execution updates including load information, vehicle location and job status. Driver Hours and ETA’s too.
  • Amend your plan without having to re-do everything else.
  • Capture live information about your fleet and drivers to simplify compliance and governance.
  • Monitor driver and vehicle performance to make continuous improvements.
  • Receive electronic proof of delivery (ePODs) and non-conformance details. ePODs are saved automatically saved behind the job. No errors or rework.
Video of Mandata Manifest App used for capturing electronic proof of delivery

Efficient ePOD Returns

The integrated Manifest App enables you to keep drivers informed with regular updates. At the same time, job status updates, electronic Proof of Delivery (ePODs) and non conformance details are updated in the TMS. No duplication of work. No delays waiting for PODs to be returned.

  • Keep Drivers Informed – updates appear on the driver’s smartphone; jobs to do by sequence and route plan.
  • Sign-on-Glass – capture electronic signatures, automatically transposed on to a delivery note ready to email along with invoices to customers.
  • Electronic POD’s (ePODs) – you don’t have to wait for proof documents to be returned. Drivers can take photos of paperwork and high quality images are saved automatically behind the job record in the TMS.
  • Non-conformance – jobs are updated with non-conformance details, allowing you to respond quickly to issues.
  • Scanned Paperwork (OCR) – go paperless with a flexible document storage solution. Scan documents and they’re saved automatically behind a job in the TMS, saving time and effort.

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Geo-fence delivery locations within the Mandata TMS for real-time status updates

Ensure jobs are going to Plan

With live feeds into the TMS you can adapt to evolving situations throughout the day.  Tight integration between Mandata TMS / TMS Go! and Tracking provides all the information you need in one system including:

  • Driver walk-around checks
  • Jobs status, proof of delivery (ePODs) and non-conformance
  • Driver hours and tacho data
  • TMS Tracking & Telematics

  • Live Job Status updates keep you informed

    As geo-fences are crossed, vehicle locations and job statuses update automatically. Receive alerts if timed deliveries are at risk or if vehicles remain on-site for too long.

  • Live Operational Visibility with Tacho Data

    For each job you’ll see vehicle location data and drivers hours. All the details you need to make proactive informed decisions and take control of changing situations.

  • Live ePODs and Vehicle Check Results

    Mandata is updated with live information relating to jobs and vehicles providing transparency throughout every process.

Run single or batch Invoices from Mandata TMS (Manpack 3) for all your deliveries.

Fast, Accurate Invoicing

Simplify your invoice process. The TMS produces invoices for you and keeps your accounts and payroll systems up to date. There’s no need for time-consuming manual updates.

  • Customer invoice production – easily produce single and batch invoices from Mandata TMS.
  • Email invoices – the TMS will email invoices out to your customers with electronic proof of delivery (ePOD) attachments. Saving you time and effort.
  • Sub-contractor reconciliation
  • Accounts integration – automatic updates between a Mandata TMS and your accounting system saves time; dramatically reducing admin work. Giving immediate access to up-to-date accurate financial information.
  • Finance reporting – produce reports showing any unbilled work, non-conformed jobs and any jobs awaiting PODs – capture revenue and resolve outstanding queries quickly.
Web entry for your customers to order deliveries online with Mandata TMS (Manpack 3)

Improve Customer Service

A Mandata TMS makes it easy for customers to work with you:

  • Self Service Customer Portal –  shippers create and amend orders, view and download electronic proof of delivery (ePODs) and see live ETA’s.
  • Customer/Shipper system integration – import large volume bookings into the TMS; avoiding duplication of effort and manual re-entry.
  • Visibility of job progress  and non-conformance – as well as a customer portal, provide customers with their very own Track and Trace app too.
  • Email invoices and ePODs  – provide customers with the documentation they need soon after delivery.
  • Automated KPI reports – KPI reports emailed automatically to your customers..
Detailed reporting available within Mandata TMS (Manpack 3) for all your KPI reporting requirements

Real-time KPI Reporting

No more waiting to see out-of-date KPIs. See how your business is performing with real-time reporting solutions:

  • Extensive Reports Library – generate standard reports at the press of a button. Many of which have been written specifically for your sector.
  • Save time with Automated Reports – keep staff and customers informed with reports automatically generated to a schedule you decide.
  • Integrated Tool Kit – Access up-to-the-minute results throughout the day with dashboards, designed to provide a live window on your past, present and future on all aspects of your business.

Your TMS. Your Way.

  • It’s modular!

    Choose from a range of Mandata Add-ons to tightly integrate your business systems and bring more information into your TMS.

  • It can be customised for you

    As well as changes you can make, we can customise your TMS and create bespoke functionality so that it works smarter for you.

  • Cloud or Self-hosted TMS?

    You can host your own TMS or use our Cloud. Either solution provides the same feature-rich software and tight integration between modules.

Our Integrated Tool Kit

Take a look at our integrated range of software and mobile applications, allowing you to customise and expand on a TMS to streamline and simplify your processes.

  • Apps

    • Manifest
    • Vehicle Checks
    • Vehicle Checks+
    • Track and Trace
    • Mandata SmartDrive
    • Fleetdrive
    • HR App
    • Track & Trace
    Learn more
  • TMS Tracking & Telematics

    • Manifest+ App ETAs
    • Vehicle location tracking
    • Trailer location tracking
    • Driver Hours
    • Tacho Now Tacho Downloads
    • Driver and Vehicle Behaviour
    Learn more
  • Transport Analytics

    • KPI Reporting
    • Dashboards
    Learn more
  • 3rd Party System Integration

    • Pallet Networks
    • Accounts Packages
    • Tacho Analysis Systems
    • Workshop Packages
    • Customer Systems
    Learn more
  • Warehouse & Cross Docking*

    • Warehouse
    • Cross Docking
    *Coming Soon

What our customers say

  • Mandata TMS and TMS Go! transport management software is developed in house at their head office in the North East of England


    Your implementation project will be managed closely with you, as well as training provided, to make the transition to your new systems as smooth as possible.

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  • Mandata Software Support is provided by it's own inhouse team based at its head office in Cramlington Northumberland


    Working with a team that understands your needs is important. That's why we don't just supply software, we provide a range of services to support you and your business.

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