Vehicle Checks app reduces driver admin, helping to keep fleets in tip-top condition

Vehicle Checks App from Mandata helps to keep fleets in tip-top condition

Transport operators can ensure problems with their vehicles don’t go unnoticed with the Vehicle Checks App from Mandata.

The Vehicle Checks app allows drivers to carry out daily inspections on their own mobile devices before commencing jobs.

Featuring Mandata’s easy to use interface, vehicle checks can be carried out on both Android and iPhone smartphone devices. The user-friendly application is easy to navigate, and can be completely customised to meet individual business needs, if required.

Designed using Mandata’s Questionnaire Module, hauliers can edit and reconfigure any aspect of the app to create custom check list components, giving them the flexibility to gather specific data relevant to their fleet requirements.

Operating in a systematic circuit, first around the inside of the cab, and then outside of the vehicle, drivers can work through the user-friendly check list assigning colour-coded pass/fail grades against each element tested on their vehicle, so it is easy for them to identify at a glance where the issues lie.

To simplify things further, drivers can use their device camera to take supporting images to illustrate any faults which need addressing by the office staff who process the inspection data.

Integrating seamlessly with Mandata Go, GoPlus and the Web Services module, the data gathered from each driver’s device syncs directly to allow results to be shared quickly and easily with the planners and maintenance departments. To ensure complete visibility even when there is no Internet connection, the inspection details are also stored on the drivers’ mobile device so they can be produced if asked for by police or authorities, and synchronised with Web Services once a connection is available.

There are a number of key benefits of carrying out daily vehicle inspections. Aside from it being ‘best practice’ to ensure that your vehicles are always running as they should be, regular checks can help you to plan maintenance time around your vehicles working schedules, saving you both time and loss of revenue.

Top 5 Vehicle Checks app benefits:

  • Less paperwork for your drivers to handle
  • Helps you to find problems so you can get them resolved quickly to your keep vehicles on the road
  • Ensure consistent checks are carried out on your vehicles and fleet, keeping them in tip-top condition
  • Gives drivers a record they can produce during roadside inspections
  • Keeps you on the right side of traffic officers

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