Moving from Excel to a TMS has never been easier...

Planning in haulage using Excel spreadsheets has a number of different advantages such as: low costs, ease of use, multi-user accessibility and customisation. However, Excel does have its limitations. Taking the step up from Excel to a Transport Management System (TMS) can be a daunting prospect for some people. They feel it may be too complex and have many things things they don’t need. However, a TMS comes with all the functionality of Excel as well as more invaluable features, designed to save haulage businesses both time and money.

The new right-click functionality in Mandata Go TMS has been designed to help make the transition from Excel to a TMS easy.

Watch the video below to see the similarities between the two, and how a TMS can help your business take that next step towards digitisation.

Looks like Excel… Performs like a TMS…

So what are you waiting for? Find out how Mandata’s Go and GoPlus TMS can be a simple transition over from Excel today. 

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