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Archbold Logistics Palletforce Pallet Network carrier
Katem Logistics are a palletforce pallet carrier
Elddis Transport
George Allinson Transport
Freighroute Pallet Network Carriers
Shepherd Distribution in Sheffield are Palletline Members using Mandata
ARR Craib Palletline Members use Mandata
TP Niven Transport and Storage
Gregory Distribution Palletline member use Mandata TMS
Isotank Bulk Haulage Operator use Mandata Transport Management Software
Halcyon Tankers Chemical Distribution use Mandata Transport Management Software
ARR Craib Palletline Members use Mandata
Derry Refrigerated use Mandata Transport Management System

  • Plan Full Loads or Multi-Drops

    Plan your way with a Mandata Traffic Pad; Load to Vehicle or Vehicle/Driver to Load

  • Fast, accurate resource allocation

    Plan with real-time Vehicles, Drivers, Sub-contractors & Trailer availability

  • Real-time operational visibility

    Manage by exception with live colour-coded progress updates and electronic PODs

Mandata Transport Management Software

No need to check multiple systems to find one answer

Mandata gives Traffic Planners all the information they need in one haulage planning system.

  • Visualise and validate the plan while optimising routes for jobs and operational KPI’s.
  • Make positive changes to the plan to minimise empty running and cost per mile.
  • Add new work and make changes quickly and safely with real-time Drivers’ Hours.
  • Ensure work is going to plan with real-time visibility
Mandata Manifest App

Transform your manual proof of delivery and invoicing processes.

Drivers carry out the job, collecting signatures as they go using our integrated Manifest app.

  • Real-time progress updates are recorded instantly within the TMS along with electronic proof of delivery.
  • Email invoices can be produced and sent via Mandata and PODs automatically attached
  • Provide customers with an on-line portal to place orders and see live updates.

What do our users think?

Our users can tell you how they’re saving time and money every day using our Transport Management System.

Simplify your processes with Mandata

At Mandata, we’ve been working with road haulage companies for over 40 years to deliver transport management systems and solutions that add ‘real’ value. Our transport management software and services support your haulage business, simplifying your challenges.

  • Orders & Job Entry

    Streamline how you create, receive and price jobs.

  • Planning

    Minimise costs and make the most of your resources as you plan.

  • Operate & Monitor

    Get real-time visibility of your operation. Ensure work is going to plan.

  • POD & Invoicing

    Transform manual proof of delivery and invoicing processes with electronic PODs & email invoicing.

  • Customer Service

    Make it easy for shippers to work with you using integrated web ordering, ePOD and live ETAs

Whether you’ve 3, 30 or 300 vehicles we’ve got a solution for you.

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