TRS Tyres gets a grip with time-saving transport management software

TRS Tyres recycle waste tyres and supply tyres to haulage industry and use Mandata Go TMS to manage their road transport operation

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Waste operator and recycling


To manage everything from
order to invoice with one paperless

About the Company:

Waste transport and recycling

Company Size:

25 Vehicles

Business Concerns:

Moved to paperless system to
manage its complex processes.

Mandata Solution:

Mandata Go TMS with integrated

TRS Tyres, a waste transport management company introduced Mandata Go TMS to simplify day to day logistics planning and save time on related back office procedures.

Installed in 2020, Mandata Go is designed to assist operators with fleets of around 11 to 30 vehicles and can plan up to 75 separate jobs each day.

“For 45 years we operated as a pen and paper company”  says general manager, Chris Rose “and although all our procedures worked perfectly well, each job and its related tasks took a great deal of time to plan, monitor, sign-off, invoice and archive, so we decided to invest in a management tool  which would manage everything from order to invoice as one paperless system.”

With 15 trucks, 20 trailers and 10 service vans, TRS Tyres offer a complete casing solution and support service for commercial transport and PSV fleets including the supply of new and remould tyres, collecting used tyres, warehousing and dealing with all the key tyre manufacturers throughout the UK.

“We handle 2,000 tyres every day” adds Chris, “and with over 56,000 new, used and re-tread tyres in stock with literally dozens of collections and deliveries every day, that presents a significant amount of administration, all of which I’m pleased to say is now in digital form and managed by the new Mandata system – making paperwork a thing of the past.”

For example, as the UK’s first tyre casing broker to operate a fully licenced transfer station, TRS Tyres is now able to consign all the duty-of-care procedures relating to environmental management, along with the requisite procedures for maintaining ISO 9001 quality standards to the Go transport management system.

“The system allows us to set up standard procedures” continues Chris, “and to repeat jobs in such a way that we get the answers before we even need to ask the questions. It’s all there, from managing driver and vehicle availability to automatic invoice processing, connected to each electronic proof of delivery. What used to take hours, now takes minutes and comes with full customer visibility regarding each job.”

“What used to take hours, now takes minutes and comes with full customer visibility regarding each job.”

General manager, TRS Tyres

For vehicle maintenance, service inspections, brake tests and defect reporting – handled by Mandata’s vehicle checks app – each task is scanned and all the relevant vehicle data securely stored for audit or DVSA reporting purposes.

“This saves time and gives us additional compliance control.” Says Chris Rose. “In short, the system takes out the stress of having to remember to cover numerous everyday tasks: traffic planning, duty of care, reception and logging of tyre cases, job logging, warehouse for completion, invoicing and archiving – is all linked into our stock management system. Basically, it completes the full circle and is now an integral part of our business, which we couldn’t be without.”

Based in Morcambe, Lancashire, TRS Tyres is a family-owned business with over 50 years of experience in tyre management, inspection and distribution in the UK and international markets.

Simplify, save, and prosper
– with a Mandata TMS