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Job Planning and Invoicing made simple for hauliers

It’s hard to keep on top of everything when you’re running a small haulage business. One minute you’re driving, the next minute you’re doing paperwork and accounts.

What makes it worse is that you’ve got information and papers everywhere. It’s a constant battle to keep on top of it all.

With Mandata Now, you can streamline your operations by helping you plan, manage and monitor jobs. Create and send invoices on the go with your POD attached.

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Get more organised in 4 easy steps

1. Create Jobs

  • Now remembers all your customer details – locations, rate card pricing and more so you don’t have to, making job creation quick and easy for you.
  • Automate repetitive tasks like creating standard jobs at the press of a button.

2. Plan Deliveries

  • Plan jobs on one screen using a real-time traffic pad gives you all the information you need. It makes planning deliveries simple.
  • Output your delivery plan. Print manifests or go paperless by sending work to a driver’s Manifest app*.

3. Monitor Jobs

  • Update a job status manually or see progress updates automatically change when drivers update the Manifest app.

4. POD and Invoice Jobs

  • Scan paperwork against a job or go mobile – capture instant ePODs using the Manifest app.
  • Now creates and emails invoices with PODs attached, saving you time and postage costs.

Why Now?

  • No ties, cancel at anytime. Pay monthly as you go with no additional fees
  • Easy to set up and just as easy to start using
  • Work from anywhere, at anytime with the freedom of the cloud
  • Scalable solutions for your business as you grow. Simply upgrade from Mandata Now to Mandata Go
  • Subcontract for other hauliers by easily receiving work from other Mandata users via the Subbie Portal
  • Go 100% paperless the Mandata Manifest app
  • Proven software developed by a market-leading UK business
  • Enjoy your first month completely FREE


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Harman Haulage use Mandata Now Job Management Transport System

“..tasks that used to take me 30 minutes, now take me 5!”

“I needed a solution that would help organise my haulage company. One system that would allow me to book and price jobs, plan and allocate them to my vehicles and drivers with the ability to send them the work to their email or phone – or even print them. When the work had been done I wanted to be able to scan in the POD and save it in the same system so it could be emailed to the customer with the invoice as well as being stored, and most importantly, remain organised.

Using Mandata Now, tasks that took me 30 minutes, now take me 5. I can store all of my customers in the system – including their individual invoicing requirements, as well as my regularly visited locations, so booking jobs in has never been easier or quicker. Invoicing used to take me at least half a day, Mandata Now does all my invoicing in seconds”.

Luke Saywell, Director. June 2020

Frequently Asked Questions

Now is a basic transport management system, designed to reduce the time you spend managing your transportation business by helping you with tasks such as:
  • Creating and booking jobs
  • Building loads for vehicles
  • Planning routes
  • Allocating work to vehicles
  • POD capture and return
  • Scanning and uploading documents to store information against completed jobs
  • Email Invoicing

Mandata has a solution to suit you based on the size of your fleet, the type of work you do and how complex your processes are. We offer three core transport management systems.

Now is the basic level of system we offer. Designed to help you make the switch from paper to software easily. We recommend you choose the product and plan with the features that meet your business needs today. You can upgrade to a higher plan as your business grows and needs change.

Yes. One of the many benefits of cloud-based software is that you’re always using the latest version. Updates happen automatically and won’t affect your data in the slightest. If the software has been updated, you’ll see a message when you log in.

If you find you’ve outgrown Mandata Now it’s easy for us to upgrade you to Mandata Go.

With our ‘Now’ product we do not provide on-site support directly. The product is entirely self on-boarding with wizards and guides to walk you through the set-up process. There is also an extensive help site which includes step-by-step text and videos.

With our ‘Go’ and ‘TMS’ products we offer both on-site and remote set-up support/training. The cost of this will be determined after a scoping session with yourself and Mandata.

Our licensing plan is ‘concurrent’ meaning that it is based on the number of simultaneous users accessing the program. If you purchase two licenses, two users can log in at the same time – but your system may have more users than are allowed access – they would have to wait for somebody to log out before they could log in.

All Mandata desktop applications run on MS Windows. MS Windows 10 devices are recommended. Please Note: Mandata applications are not supported on Apple or Linux. Mandata works best with a fast broadband Internet connection.


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