Advertise loads

Grow your network by advertising excess loads to our growing haulage subcontractor community.


Stay informed

Get the visibility you need as subcontractors do your work including live progress updates, with ETAs and ePODs.


Grow your network

The days of constantly ringing around to find more haulage work are over. 

Hauliers from all sectors of the road transport industry are looking for trusted subcontractors to cover their excess loads. 

Returnloads gives you the flexibility to find work as and when you need.

Stay informed

Our integrated software enables allocated jobs to be completed using a mobile app.

It’s the paperless way to get jobs done with job status updates, ETAs and electronic proof of delivery. You’ll always know if jobs are going to plan and receive ePODs as soon as work is done.

job progress
Integrated solutions

An integrated freight exchange

Returnloads integrates with Mandata Transport Management Software making it easier for you to manage all your transport work as well as your Returnloads work.

Hear it from one of our customers

Returnloads customer, Barron Wood Distrubtion

“Returnloads has helped us plan work in advance, not only were we able to cover loads and vehicles for the following day, but for 2 – 3 days in advance too. The platform has helped us build a trusting business relationship with hundreds of companies within the industry. ” Stuart McMillan, Traffic Operations – Barron Wood Distribution