Advanced Vehicle Checks app with customisable checklist on your driver’s mobile.

Drivers carry out inspections on the working condition of your vehicles using the Vehicle Checks+ app. Results are recorded instantly on-line for you and your workshop staff to see.

Easy Driver Walkaround Checks helps you to identify defects

Gain the visibility you need to keep your fleet in perfect working order.

Instant updates as drivers complete daily vehicle walkaround inspections:

  • Paperless system. All vehicle inspection results saved electronically so you can report and act on results quickly.
  • Identify defects early. Automatic alerts notify all the relevant staff (workshop, traffic office etc) you need.
  • Accurate vehicle records. Inspection results filed automatically against the correct vehicle.
  • Photos of defects. You can see faults or issues and they’re saved online.
easy to use vehicle checks app for driver walkaround checks

Simple Vehicle Checks App for Drivers to gather the info you need

  • Carry out inspections on their mobile device
  • Select their own vehicle or trailer from a pre-loaded list
  • Allocate colour-coded pass/fail grades against individual vehicle components.
  • Add notes and supporting images using the device camera
  • Save temporary copies of vehicle inspections to their device to produce at roadside inspections
  • Synchonrise inspection details seamlessly with Mandata
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View real-time results on-line. Report on results and missed vehicle inspections

The Vehicle Checks App logs the start and finish times of vehicle inspections allowing you to:

  • Report on inspections which have taken less than a specified length of time to complete.
  • Report on any vehicles where daily or AM/PM inspections have been missed.

App available on both iOS and Android

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