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Transfer information quickly into the Mandata TMS with Mandata EDI’s. Details that you need to update on a regular basis can be automatically entered into the Mandata TMS via custom EDI links we develop to preserve data accuracy and save you time.

Mandata EDI transfers are highly efficient. Large data files can be transferred in a matter of minutes and a fraction of the time it would take you to manually input information.

As well as accelerated data transfer, we will monitor the input of EDI’s into your systems in real-time. This proactive approach to EDI management enables Mandata to identify and resolve any issues that occur before they impact your business; often long before you realise you have a problem.

Benefits for you:

Streamline business processes to improve efficiency. The automatic transfer of accurate data into your TMS can help to speed up your processes.

Save time and ensure data accuracy. Manual data entry can take a long time and leave room for human error. With an automatic transfer of pre-approved data sets via EDI links, you can guarantee data accuracy and vastly reduce the amount of time it takes to input data.

Achieve great results by working with live accurate data in your Mandata Traffic Pad. Your planners can have the advantage of working with live information as they plan jobs. By importing data into the Mandata Traffic Pad via EDI eg. vehicle and driver calendars, work can be planned with resources that are available.

No more guesswork or having to look at other systems to re-check information; planners can make informed decisions based on the latest data, all within one single-view Traffic Pad.

Import/export data from/to a variety of different sources. We can support data imports and exports from xml, csv, edifact and web services file formats.

Some of the EDI imports we can do:

  • Job creation and amendments
  • Unit, Driver and Trailer imports
  • System and Driver Calendar imports
  • Load creation and allocation
  • Load rating
  • Latest modifications and more


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