How Electronic Proof of Delivery can transform your proof of delivery process

A manual proof of delivery process is hard work, for everyone. All that producing paper documents and getting them out to drivers, the lack of visibility of what’s actually happening with deliveries, and lost, delayed or damaged paperwork wastes valuable time we could spending on other tasks.

Then there’s the waiting game! When proof documents do return, there’s the mad rush to check and scan paper PODs to get the invoicing done.

Sound familiar?

It’s a common problem haulage companies face when they plan work on paper, spreadsheets or whiteboards. It places a huge admin burden on the haulier.

Other problems stem from using disconnected systems. We often hear from hauliers, if they do have a transport management system in place with an ePOD system, the two are often not connected. It may be easy for HGV drivers to capture sign-on-glass or electronic proof of delivery on a mobile or PDA, but information about the job then has to be entered into the TMS by the admin team, duplicating the work involved, leading to even more lost time and delays.

There’s a massive opportunity to make the process easier for admin, the driver community, the traffic office and customers with an integrated transport management system and ePOD solution like Mandata.

Do you want to make your ePOD process easier? 

There are big operational benefits to be gained from an integrated TMS and ePOD solution.

Keeping Drivers Informed

From TMS to driver in a click

Once a job is planned the TMS can send job instructions to a driver’s mobile using the Manifests app. There’s no need to spend time printing, emailing or texting job details to drivers.

Operate & Monitoring

See instant progress updates in the TMS

Use Tracking or the Manifests app and Navigation app combined for automatic updates and real-time ETA’s. You’ll know where drivers are, who’s delivered, what and when. No more chasing drivers for ETA’s or playing guessing games. Instant status updates appear for you to see onscreen.

Documents and details updated in real-time

ePOD’s and non-conformances are updated and saved in the TMS behind each job.  There’s no need to transfer details or documents from one system to another. The proof of delivery or ePOD is there in electronic format (a PDF Delivery Note) for you to view or download at any time.

Finding ePODs

The electronic proof of delivery is safely stored and easily found behind each job within the TMS. There’s no need to file away  paper documents.  If you need to you can scan and save documents behind the job too.

Non-conformance resolution

You’ll receive notification of any non-conformances as soon as they occur.  Helping you to address issues quickly and keep customers informed.

It’s easy for admin staff and drivers

Like anything new, it may take drivers a short time to get used to working with the Manifest App, but the app takes a lot of hassle away from drivers. Being able to receive jobs and progress work, get on with their work without having to continuously call the office to keep the traffic office updated, makes life far simpler.

Communications improve too

Instant Messaging between the TMS and Manifest App makes it easy to get quick answers to questions. You’ll no longer have to call the driver to find out where he is or wait for paperwork to be returned.  The solution brings clarity and visibility to the whole delivery process for traffic planners, drivers and customers alike.

Transparency from the beginning to the end of the process

Everything you and your customers need relating to a job is saved in one place.  Job status, non-conformance, delivery time, quantities etc.

Time-saving process

Integrating the TMS and Manifest App makes life a lot simpler avoiding delays and duplication of effort.

ePOD and Invoicing

Be sure POD’s are returned

Your PODs are gold-dust to your business. Don’t risk losing proof documents and losing revenue. Secure the PODs and job details you need within the TMS, and relax!

Run reports to see where the gaps are

Can you see which jobs are complete with PODs? With ePODs appearing behind the job within the TMS, you can see which jobs have been proofed – ready to invoice. You can also see un-billed jobs as well as errors or missing information to ensure jobs are being invoiced promptly.

Invoicing made quick and simple – leaving time for more important tasks

The TMS creates single or batch invoices and emails them along with electronic PODs to your customers. The system does the hard work for you; producing invoices with all the information captured, including quantity changes – improving invoicing accuracy. It doesn’t replace your admin staff. It gives them more time to spend on other important tasks.

Get paid quicker! 

In a recent survey, 100% of Mandata users reported an improvement to their orders to cash cycle using an integrated TMS, ePOD and Invoicing process.

Customer Service

Reduce Customer Queries with a Self-Service Web Portal

Provide customers the visibility they need via a Customer Portal or a Track and Trace App.  As well as submitting orders, they can see work-in-progress and real-time status updates with ETAs.  As work progresses, ePODs are updated to the Customer Portal enabling shippers to download documentation as a delivery is made. As well as proof of delivery documents, they can download invoices too.  What a great sales tool for you!

Real-time ETA’s

Give customers the ability to see for themselves when their delivery will arrive. With an integrated TMS, Tracking and ePOD solution from Mandata, you’ll reduce ETA enquiries, freeing up staff time for more important tasks.