Brexit: Northern Ireland Protocol and the Windsor Framework

Before Brexit, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland had the same trade rules, seeing as both were part of the European Union (EU).

When Northern Ireland left the EU, new checks were introduced under the Northern Ireland Protocol. Inspection and document checks apply to goods travelling from Great Britain (England, Scotland, and Wales) to Northern Ireland – even if the goods are to remain in Northern Ireland – and are carried out at Northern Ireland’s ports. Effectively, this was seen as a border between the UK and Northern Ireland.

Under the Windsor Framework, the number of checks will be reduced and two lanes will be created for goods arriving from Great Britain – red and green. Green will be for goods that remain in Northern Ireland, with no checks and little to no paperwork required. Red will be for goods to be sent on to EU countries and will still be subject to inspections.

Read the full press release here: Windsor Framework unveiled to fix problems of the Northern Ireland Protocol

The RHA has welcomed the progress made, adding that they will peruse the technical details to understand the practical implications on the moving of goods. RHA statement on the Windsor Framework