Workington Emerges as Leading Contender for UK's Kindest Town Title

Lorry drivers across the UK are actively participating in a new competition to determine the UK’s Kindest Town for lorry drivers.

Among the nominations pouring in, Workington has garnered significant attention, with numerous votes and favourable comments  highlighting it as one of the leading towns in contention.

Renowned for its outstanding facilities and kindness towards lorry drivers, Workington has established itself as a true haven for truckers. While the competition is still underway, early signs indicate that Workington is steadily rising as a top contender for the coveted title.

One of the nominators stated: “I chose Workington because although it is not a huge town, it’s road network and facilities are excellent for HGVs.” they also added that “The industrial estates do not have parking restrictions, allowing drivers to park up for the night.”

Following on from that, nominators also added that there are plenty of lay-bys available, and apart from a few small villages, there are few restrictions that hinder smooth transportation. Workington features three dedicated filling stations for HGVs, providing convenient access to fuelling services. Furthermore, there are ongoing plans to demolish a building in the town, facilitating easier turns onto the road leading to the A66, further enhancing the town’s appeal to lorry drivers.

In addition to its facilities, positive interactions with the local community have played a significant role in Workington’s nomination. According to many nominators, the friendliness and helpfulness of the staff had been exceptional when making deliveries. The staff’s willingness to go the extra mile and accommodate drivers by ensuring timely unloading demonstrates the town’s commitment to creating a welcoming environment for lorry drivers.

The primary objective of Mandata and the RHA’s Kindest Town campaign is to create a more positive experience for HGV drivers, on the roads and at delivery centres. Lorry drivers often spend long hours on the road away from their families and loved ones and the campaign aims to showcase how acts of kindness can make a significant difference in their mental and emotional well-being.

The campaign invites road hauliers to vote for their favourite towns – i.e. the places where they have experienced exceptional displays of kindness. By completing a brief questionnaire covering various criteria of their experiences within these towns, such as access to amenities, parking, and the kindness of the local people during one-to-one interactions or on the town’s surrounding roads, they will have a chance to win a £2,500 holiday voucher or a weekly (individual) £100 Amazon voucher. In addition, HGV drivers can compete for a £500 Amazon voucher by crafting a creative social media post highlighting their chosen town.

Voting closes on the 15th September and the winning town will be announced on 21st September across social media channels and will receive a prize of £10,000.

The campaign is also kindly sponsored by the following companies who are supporting this campaign, including Women in Transport, BIFA, Backhouse Jones, WH Barley, McCulla, UKWA, Roadchef, Malcoms and many more.

Voting is open to all road haulage business owners, traffic planners and HGV drivers and entries can be submitted via You can also get involved with the conversation online by using the hashtag #KindGiants.