National Lorry Week

National Lorry Week runs from 25th to 31st October and highlights the vital and often-overlooked role that the logistics industry plays in our everyday lives.

The haulage industry has been under immense pressure for the past couple of years, with COVID-19 adding to the pressure alongside national lockdowns and driver shortages, the haulage industry plays a critical role in everyday society. From stocking the shelves at your local supermarket or delivering vital equipment to keep the workers of the UK going.

We’ve helped our customers face challenges over the past 40 years by listening to common problems and developing a digital solution.

Mandata offer transport management software, alongside a host of integrated add-ones to help streamline and digitise those painstaking admin issues you face. Whether you’re working on pen and paper, or multiple systems that don’t talk each other, we have a solution for you.

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