Founder of local mental health charity supports nationwide campaign to find the ‘UK’s Kindest Town’

The founder of an Oxfordshire-based charity is standing up to support Mandata and the Road Haulage Association’s campaign to find ‘The UK’s Kindest Town’.

The Kindest Town campaign is seeking out the UK town that shows the most warmth and kindness to truckers, who can often be on the receiving end of negativity from the public, despite providing an essential logistics service for the nation.

Andy Tustian, founder of Globe Truckers UK, a charity which provides mental health support to truck drivers, commented: “As a former lorry driver and founder of a charity that supports truckers facing mental health issues, I know firsthand the challenges and struggles faced by HGV drivers.

That’s why I think ‘The UK’s Kindest Town’ campaign launched by Mandata and the Road Haulage Association is of immense importance. It has set out to improve compassion and appreciation for truckers, with the goal of creating a more positive experience on the roads.

All working together, we can ensure that drivers are not abandoned and left in dire circumstances, and instead, they are valued and respected for their vital contributions.

The charity provides, assistance and guidance to truckers who are impacted by mental health concerns, regularly helping those who have feelings of suicide. It also provides invaluable help to families, following life-altering accidents.

The launch of ‘The UK’s Kindest Town’ campaign reminds us that even simple acts of kindness can have a big impact on the mental and emotional well-being of lorry drivers. They play an integral role in sustaining the movement of essential goods for the nation – it is crucial to acknowledge the unique challenges they face while on the road.

To participate in the campaign, road hauliers are invited to vote for their favourite towns where they have encountered remarkable displays of kindness and support. Mandata and RHA aim to foster a sense of community and gratitude within the road haulage industry while promoting positive interactions between drivers and their local communities.

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