How a Transport Management System can help you avoid bridge strikes

According to research by Network rail, bridge strikes happen up to five times every single day in the UK. Due to recent landmark legal cases, Network Rail can now charge fleet operators for these strikes. The costs incurred for a bridge strike do not just include the damage to the bridge, or to your vehicle. They now also include compensation to the railway company for the delayed services caused by the strike, as well as the costs of the examination of the damage. 

With strikes happening so frequently it’s crucial that you are prepared, and aware of obstructions such as low bridges on your route. However, further research by Network rail showed that this isn’t the case. Their survey stated that 32% of drivers questioned didn’t know the height of their vehicle when setting off on a journey and a further 56% admitted to not being aware of low bridges along their route. 

How a Mandata Transport Management System can help 

When you register a vehicle in your Mandata Transport Management System, it requires you to also input its dimensions. The system will then remember these dimensions whenever you plan out your daily jobs with the vehicle.  

In the example below, you can see a smaller lorry booked in for a job with a low bridge in the way. As the dimensions for the lorry allow for it to fit under the bridge without any issues the route goes directly through from point A to B without anything changing, as it’s the optimal route. 

However, when we change to a larger vehicle that can no longer fit under the bridge, the system automatically changes the route to avoid the low bridge.

The route planning system will always select the most time-efficient route for your fleet to take but will always prioritise avoiding hazards, meaning your drivers don’t have to worry about these things themselves.

With a Mandata Transport Management System (TMS) you’ll not only be equipped to avoid any bridge strikes, but will also be shown the most cost-effective route in the process – because the last thing any haulier needs with prices rising across the board, is a further financial burden due to a bridge strike.

For a deeper dive into the countless benefits a Mandata TMS provides, why not book a demo today.