The Future of Road Haulage Report

About the guide:

The road haulage industry is a vital part of the global economy, responsible for the transportation of goods and commodities across long distances. We’ve recently worked with industry thought leaders across the sector to gain a full understanding of the issues faced in the industry to help advise, inspire and educate growing hauliers on how to overcome challenging times from their own experiences in the industry.

As expectations and demands from customers continue to rise, alongside pressing industry and economic challenges, it’s becoming increasingly clear that technology adoption can be key to success despite industry hardship.

The Future of Road Haulage report explores the impact of changing consumer expectations on the road haulage industry and provides practical advice and insights from industry leaders in all areas of road haulage including technology and operational best practice, driver mental health, recruitment, and much more.

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The state of the Road Haulage Industry
Richard Smith, Managing Director at the RHA

Haulage companies face significant cost increases, with fuel, labour, and overhead expenses on the rise and the RHA calls for government support, including an essential user rebate.

Lessons from a family business after 40+ years in the industry
Emma Barber, Chief Executive Director at WH Barley Transport & Storage

The haulage industry is becoming an increasingly challenging environment. Hauliers can help control costs by focusing on small, incremental savings, using technology, prioritising efficiency, building relationships, understanding customers’ needs, and supporting industry reform.

How small hauliers can stay in the game during tough times
Rob Hollyman, Managing Director at Youngs Transportation & Logistics 

Partnering with established, national hauliers can help smaller hauliers navigate the slim profit margins and tough market conditions of the industry. As well as choosing reliable subcontractors, hauliers should review fuel prices daily, have a micro focus on costs, and maximise every hour with the help of the right software.

Remaining resilient in volatile times
Stuart Wring, Managing Director at Wrings Transport

Having mentors, whether paid or not, can provide valuable advice and guidance. Daily visibility of business numbers is crucial to making informed decisions, managing cash flow, and controlling fuel and wage costs.

How to recruit and keep the best drivers
Justyna Sodel, Director at NN1 Personnel

The driver shortage may be easing, but rising costs are still pressuring haulage firms.

To attract and retain the best drivers, create standout job adverts, conduct thorough recruitment and training, and listen to feedback. Showing respect and appreciation to drivers can prevent them from leaving and lead to greater job satisfaction and loyalty.

Simplifying operator licence compliance
Beverley Bell, Former Senior Traffic Commissioner

Hauliers in the UK are feeling the pressure to reduce expenses amidst high fuel prices and increased costs of operating heavy goods vehicles. Five easy steps to stay on the right side of the law include understanding license terms, keeping up to date, investing in staff training and development, and investing in the right software.

The right to be safe at work
Paul Sanders, Chairperson at the Association of Pallet Networks 

Good health and safety practices can bring many benefits including financial savings, better productivity, higher employee morale and retention. The Association of Pallet Networks recommend a culture of safety and zero injuries as the constant target, and encourages the use of technology and the empowerment of drivers to make dynamic risk assessments.

HGV drivers and mental health
How to look after your drivers

HGV drivers face a set of challenges unique to their profession such as long periods of isolation, high-pressure delivery requirements and having to rely on inadequate facilities at truck stops. Implementing systems that reduce avoidable frustrations for drivers is a good start to improving their mental health.

Overall, “The Future of Road Haulage” report provides a comprehensive overview of the trends and challenges facing the industry in the coming years. By understanding these trends and embracing innovation, companies in the road haulage sector can position themselves for success in a rapidly changing world.