Drivers’ hours: Recording of other work

The drivers’ hours rules apply to UK drivers who drive a vehicle or vehicle combination with a weight of more than 3.5 tonnes within the UK. They also apply to these drivers when driving to, from, or through an EU country. The rules are available on the UK Government website.

The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) enforces the rules and can fine or even prosecute drivers and operators, depending on the nature and seriousness of the infringement. On-the-spot fines aren’t limited to the day of non-compliance; they can also be issued for offences in the preceding 28 days.

DVSA-approved ways to keep record of other work

All drivers, including occasional drivers, must keep full records of their driving time and other work, their breaks, periods of rest and availability, as well as annual and sick leave. When it comes to recording of ‘other work’, the DVSA confirmed early in September that drivers can record these hours in one of three ways:

  • Manual inputs on a digital/smart tachograph
  • Manually recording hours on an analogue record sheet or printout paper (with enough detail to identify the individual driver). “Enough detail” means:
    • When using an analogue record sheet, the driver’s name must appear
    • If using a printout paper, the driver’s name or driver card or driving licence number must appear.
  • Completing an attestation form. This is the form that drivers undertaking international journeys to, from, and through the EU must use to record their previous 28 days’ activities. The DVSA now also accepts this form in the UK. You can find the Attestation of activities form on the official website of the European Commission.