Covid-19 is one of the biggest challenges the haulage and logistics sector has ever faced.

You need to keep staff safe but you need to keep your business operating as smoothly as possible. We understand. We are here to help.

Mandata provides a range of Transport Management solutions for companies of all sizes.

Here are 6 Highlights from our integrated Tool Kit we think you’ll find most useful during COVID-19:

Go Cloud - work remotely as a team

Work from home, at the office, or across multiple depots. Work together as a team, no matter where you are. We have transport management systems to suit every haulage business based on your fleet size, the type of work you do and how complex your processes are.
  • Now (1-10 vehicles)
  • Go (11-30 vehicles)
  • TMS (30+ vehicles)

Get Connected - to your subbies

The Subbie Portal helps you work with your sub-contractors in a more integrated way. Send jobs and receive instant progress and electronic PODs to manage your customer expectations more effectively.

Go self-serve - give clients web access

Give clients access to your very own web portal. Provide on-line ordering, live job visibility, track and trace, electronic PODs and invoices in one integrated system. They’ll love the visibility it gives them.

Go Paperless - avoid contact

A range of mobile solutions integrate with Mandata systems enabling drivers to avoid contact and paperwork at delivery points whilst gathering the vital time-sensitive information you need. 

Our most popular apps: Manifest App (electronic proof of delivery) Vehicle Checks, Team Admin (keep track of staff availability including holidays, expenses and time-sheets)

Go Mobile - for visibility & control

Simplify your manual processes. Avoid paper-trails. Gain real-time visibility and control of load progress. Receive instant electronic documentation, with nothing left to do but invoice for the job. 

Go free - data and IT in safe hands

Worried your current system is not up to the task? Use a system that’s supported by a team of IT experts, for peace of mind through ongoing data back-ups, system updates and full disaster recovery.

“The Mandata Cloud TMS has given us big benefits across the business, including electronic PODs, instant progress on jobs for our customers and of course, remote working.


We could never have anticipated the extraordinary circumstances which we’re now facing and we’re so pleased that we moved to the cloud when we did!


Our directors and staff can access our systems remotely. None of this was possible before.”


Stephen Dunn, Managing Director

Our customers

Whites Recycling Waste Transport Operator using Mandata TMS
Halcyon Tankers Chemical Distribution use Mandata Transport Management Software
Freighroute Pallet Network Carriers
Shepherd Distribution in Sheffield are Palletline Members using Mandata
Farralls Group use Mandata TMS to manage haulage operation
Elddis Transport
Gregory Distribution Palletline member use Mandata TMS
Mcculla Transport in Northern Ireland

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    “Technology has never been more important to hauliers than it is right now. Our systems give  operators the tools they need to make changes easily, wherever and whenever they need.

    (nor ireland, ireland
    & scotland)

    James Stafford, Regional Sales Manager, Mandata

    “Mandata solutions can make a significant difference to hauliers; reducing manual processes, helping them avoid repetitive tasks and manual work-flow to become more profitable businesses.

    James Stafford

    “Having worked for many years within my family’s road transport business. I understand the challenges you face.  I will help you make the most of technology to simplify your processes.”

    Richard Bird

    Ian Thompson at Mandata

    “Small hauliers face many challenges, often single handedly managing all aspects of their business. I work with owner operators to provide simple user-friendly solutions giving them the freedom and flexibility they need.”

    Ian Thompson
    Small Business team

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