A transport management system (TMS) can help hauliers of all sizes revolutionise the way they work. From job entry and planning, to orders and invoicing.

It can be daunting considering changing the way your operate, it’s what you’re used to! But think, how could I make the most out of my people to focus on things like business growth? You can only do that if you have more time on your hands. If you’re considering a TMS, it would be worth initially thinking about whether your business would be better suited to a cloud-system, or on-premise, cloud connected system.

Let’s start from the beginning. Planning.

Imagine being able to look at a map on a screen and plan your journeys according to your load and vehicle types, without running into problems like not being able to drive down a particular road with your vehicle. Thanks to map-based planning, you can conquer these potential issues and start planning your most efficient journeys. Have a real-time status update of your vehicles and drivers to see who is on the road that week and has capacity to take on more work.

Never lose track.

With real-time status updates, you can deliver first-class customer service to your clients. Give your customers updates within minutes simply by searching for the job in your TMS and checking the most recent status. Drivers have the ability to send regular ETAs that update your in your TMS automatically, giving you full visibility of your delivery progress.

Protect your revenue.

It’s never been more important to protect revenue that’s coming into your business. But if you are operating your proof of delivery by pen and paper, how can you be sure they won’t go missing or paperwork will be legible to invoice your jobs? The Manifest app allows your drivers to capture photographic evidence (ePODs) of successful deliveries and send it straight back to your TMS. ePODs automatically attach to the correct job so when you’re ready to invoice, you’ve got everything you need in once place. No wasted time spent on scanning and manually matching ePODs back to their jobs.

Have a bird’s eye view of business performance.

How do you currently track the success of your business? Do you have spreadsheets set up where you update the information at the end of each day? This can be a very time-consuming task and data becomes outdated quick. A TMS can give you a real-time view of business performance, including finance, stage and job views – every aspect you need to monitor of your business in visual graphs. Thanks to auto-updates, trust you’re reporting on the latest information and successes that are happening in your business, or identify areas you need to focus on like un-invoiced jobs.

If you still aren’t sure, download our guide to the cloud to see how you can start revolutionising your business today.