Some of our Road Tanker Haulage Customers

Isotank Bulk Haulage Operator use Mandata Transport Management Software
Sutton and Sons
Halcyon Tankers Chemical Distribution use Mandata Transport Management Software
Universal Tanker Solutions Waste Operators
Gregory Distribution Palletline member use Mandata TMS

  • Systems helps you plan full moves with ease

     Save time by repeating standard jobs easily. Plan ahead to optimise resources.

  • Driver app captures accurate details

    App for road tanker operators to record accurate collection and delivery information

  • Regular updates keep you informed of progress

    Receive real-time status updates and proof of delivery including weight tickets.

Software to simplify your just in time process

Finding it hard to manage your road tanker operation with spreadsheets and paperwork? It’s easier to plan and execute your work with a transport management system geared to cope with the unique challenges you face.

Whether transporting chemicals and liquids, both hazardous and non-hazardous substances, use a system to digitise your manual paper-based processes, to automate many manual tasks to operate more efficiently and with greater visibility.


Manage your Road Tanker operation from order to invoice with one system

Our road tanker haulage customers use Mandata transport management software to manage orders, job planning and execution and invoicing. There’s also a range of integrated apps to improve communication between your office and drivers, and ensuring you have full visibility of fleet progress to find problems early.

You’ll receive instant updates as collections and deliveries are made.

  • Repeat standard jobs and milk runs easily – save time and avoid having to spend time planning the same jobs you do every day, week in, week out.
  • Capture delivered weights electronically – tired of trying to keep track of paper tickets?  There’s an integrated driver Manifest app, that enables you to push daily jobs out to drivers and receive information electronically, without delay. The information appears in your system ready to invoice jobs as quickly as you need.
  • Control orders with draw down functionality  – how do you manage the delivery of different loads on different dates when quantities/weights and delivery dates are not known in advance? Mandata provides a counter of how many loads you have shipped by volume and weight you’ve done to date and how much volume and weight is remaining.  You can ‘draw down’ until the job is complete.
  • Invoices emailed – see which jobs are complete and Mandata creates and emails invoices to your customers along with electronic proof of delivery speeding up your invoicing process.
  • Update your accounts system automatically – minimise the manual work you have to do with updates between Mandata and your accounting software.


Stay informed with real-time arrival and departure times

Are you delivering just in time? You’ll need to have full visibility of your fleet and progress being made to give your customers the service they need.  With integrated tracking or by using our Manifest app, you can receive an early warning whether your driver has departed the collection point. This enables you to see if they’ll arrive late at the delivery point and enables you to notify customers in advance.

As soon as information comes back from the driver you can view a job progress update and also receive an electronic copy of the delivery note as the delivery is undertaken saving you and your customers a great deal of time which also enables you to speed up your invoicing process.

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