Some of our Frozen and Chilled Customers

Mandata TMS customer, Agro Merchants Group
Derry Refrigerated use Mandata Transport Management System
TJB Transport use Mandata Now Transport Management Software
South Lincs Chilled Couriers

  • Paperless Back-Office Solution

  • Route Planning and Live Tracking

  • Electronic Proof of Delivery and Email Invoicing

Get organised with an integrated transport management solution

Gone are the days when you have to plan work on spreadsheets and wait for hours to receive job progress updates. Plan all your work including pallet network jobs alongside other work types to make the most of your resources.

Haulage companies trust Mandata to help them manage their entire workload using an integrated  digital platform, minimising manual tasks, paperwork and duplication, and keeping customers informed.

Mandata software for bulk haulage operators

Less paperwork and more certainty with software designed for the frozen and chilled distribution sector

General haulage operators use Mandata to manage all business processes, including orders, planning, job execution and invoicing. As everything is managed in one place, there is one version of your information being constantly updated, making it easy to manage work, stay informed of job progress and keep customers updated with the electronic documentation they need.

  • Plan ahead. Whether you do ad hoc work or repeat standard jobs, Mandata transport management systems allow you to plan work in the most cost-efficient way simplifying resource management.
  • Stay informed of job progress thanks to real-time tracking and live updates from drivers using an integrated manifest application. Stay informed with ETAs – and automatic SMS or email alerts as your jobs progress to find problems early.
  • Make data driven decisions thanks to Mandata’s comprehensive reporting functionality offering insight into all aspects of your business performance.
  • Get your invoicing done in a few clicks – as soon as you receive ePODs for completed jobs, invoices can be generated and emailed to your customers saving you time. Mandata integrates with all major accounting software, to help you keep your books balanced, minimising duplication and rework.
  • Keep your customers informed with access to a web portal to place bookings, monitor job progress and download electronic proof of delivery documents.
  • Integrates with Stirling Warehouse to keep you and your customers informed about stock movements and stock levels.

What our users think

David Gunson

With streamlined administration, we can now see the wood for the trees and we’ve got full traceability and accountability across the Group.

By automating manual processes we’ve made big improvements to the way we work and have been able to achieve efficiencies in all areas of the business.

David Gunson
Company Secretary, The Bartrum Group

Robert Fox

The technology has significantly improved our invoicing, enabling us to quickly and effectively check-off all the PODs at the end of the working week simply by clicking a button. Invoices are now going out to our customers much more quickly. This in turn allows us to provide a better service to customers who want weekly invoicing.

In general, we are seeing more streamlining and automation of processes which is delivering time and cost savings.

Robert Fox
Skelcher Express

Ben Smith

We continually look to add value to our customers. Access to real-time data around fuel usage, economy and vehicle wear-and-tear thanks to tracking and driver behaviour technology, enables us to reduce fuel and maintenance costs further, producing savings that we can then pass on to customers.

As well as providing peace-of-mind, it will enable us to meet our obligation to provide fleet emission reports as a FORS member. This will include evidential information about CO2 emissions data and fleet performance, illustrating how we are reducing vehicle environmental impact.

Ben Smith
General Manager, Cross Country Carriers

Dave Lindop

Mandata TMS gives an accurate real-time picture of all planned routes including empty legs between loads, enabling us to identify and address any vehicles carrying empty trailers over excessive miles.

This facility is leading to definite benefits in improved load allocation, operational efficiency as well as helping meet an increasing growth in demand for our services.

Dave Lindop
Finance Director, A.W. Jenkinson Transport

“The ability to quickly call customers is one of the app’s popular features”

Manifest’s simple, easy-to-follow instructions enable our drivers to quickly grasp the platform’s many user-friendly features and access the database of information. The ability to easily and quickly call-up a customer expecting a delivery to let them know about any issues or delays due to traffic problems, is also proving to be one of the app’s more popular features with drivers.

Charlie Lunn
IT & Communications Manager, Forest Freight

Patrick Derry

With the Mandata TMS in place we can now comfortably manage between 400 and 500 jobs per day.

The flexibility of the system has allowed us to grow to the size that we are now.

Without a doubt, if we hadn’t had Mandata on board we couldn’t have gotten to where we are today.

Patrick Derry
Director, Derry Refrigerated

George H Kime

It’s often difficult to admit that a new system is the right system. Since adopting the Mandata Cloud TMS, we’ve had no regrets at all, it’s the best thing since sliced bread!

The level of detail we’re getting from the TMS is brilliant. The job planning and load building functionality within the Traffic Pad works really well, and the way that we can scan PODs and attach them to invoices helps us to save admin time.

Nigel Kime
Managing Director, George H Kime


We felt we were outpacing our old TMS. We realised we needed a new system that would work with us to help us move the business on in the direction we wanted it to go.

One of the things we liked straight away about the Mandata system was the overall visibility. You can find out everything you need to know about a consignment from within the TMS, without having to go combing through loads of notes.

Rob Hollyman
Managing Director, Youngs Transport and Logistics (YTL)

C M Downton

We use Mandata across our business with links to all depots and information about traffic planning, vehicle tracking, drivers and workshop operations.

It’s a very efficient transport management tool that provides us with immediate access to all the important information we need in one place. We are very happy with it.

Richard Downton
Director, CM Downton Ltd

Archbold Logistics

We moved away from on-board tracking to give us greater visibility and control over our operations.  By combining our Mandata TMS with Mandata’s tracking everything is under one roof making the business easier to manage.

As a business we continually strive to improve upon where we are today and the integrated system enables us to work smarter, not harder.

Alan Maher
Archbold Logistics

Relay Technical Transport

We often face the challenge of slotting numerous timed deliveries within runs.  The system enables us to look at the best fit across multiple vehicles and route them in such a way that we optimise manpower, fleet utilisation and meet demanding timescales.

It’s the visualisation of runs and their impact on the business that is helping to simplify operations and reduce costs at Relay.

Stuart Berry
Relay Technical Transport

Shepherd Distribution Services

The level of visibility provided by our Mandata systems enables us to react quickly to the everyday requirements of an often challenging sector, and provides our customers with added confidence that their goods are in safe hands.

Laurence Abel, Managing Director
Shepherd Distribution Services

Brit European Transport

With a strong focus on customer service, we’re using integrated systems to improve performance, communication and efficiency. Mandata has helped to transform our clients business as well as our own.

Graham Lackey
Brit European

Jays Logistics

The main benefit of working with Mandata is that we don’t need to go to anybody else – all the services we need are offered by Mandata. They managed the transition to our new systems carefully and provided excellent support and back-up along the way.

Paul Phillips
Jays Logistics

Allen Logistics

All of our customers can log in to and print PODs, so we just send all of our invoices out by email via the Mandata TMS.  Our Customers can then can see the job number, view and print the matching POD documents as they need and the job’s done. The system provides customers with complete visibility and helps keep them informed, it’s great.

Roger Allen, Director
Allen Logistics

Gap Group

By automating our manual processes the Mandata TMS has helped to organise us, and has saved us considerable time and costs along the way. We’ve got full traceability on all of our jobs from the booking stage through to invoicing. We can recall waste consignment notes and POD’s quickly and easily through our integrated document mangaement module because everything is contained within the one system.

We certainly couldn’t have grown to the size that we are now without Mandata.

Peter Moody
Gap Group

Freightroute Limited

Mandata provides our business with the online integrated transport management system we require, working with us to provide the enhanced business solution our customers demand.

Bryan Mounch, Chief Financial Officer
Freightroute Limited

Sutton & Sons

Mandata has integrated within our core functions and processes, providing both operational and management enhancements.

The system flexibility has ensured the successful implementation to our UK and International tanker divisions, linking the TMS, tracking and mobile applications for improved data capture and reducing operator workload.

Andrew Kennedy
Sutton & Sons

Bishopsgate Specialist Installations

Fundamental to our operational success are our Mandata systems which give us the functionality to plan effectively and provide visibility throughout all stages of our work delivering and installing high value equipment for blue chip companies.

Our strong working relationship with Mandata enables us to continually innovate and provide transparency, control and flexibility to meet customer’s ever changing needs and maximise business efficiency.

Tim Bloch
Bishopsgate Specialist Logistics & Installations

Vegetable Oil Management

Being able to report on volumes of used oil we collect and the recycled oil we deliver has taken the guess-work out of what we do. We also give customers access to live data. We can provide a high level of detail which differentiates us as a business; fuelling the growth in new business for us.

With the Mandata system in place, we’re managing our workload better, planning routes around scheduled jobs, and incorporating any ad-hoc work we receive easily, all the while monitoring the weights of products being collected and delivered.

Philip Yates
Vegetable Oil Management

M & H Transport

The Mandata system has generally speeded up all of our admin processes across the business. We can put jobs onto the system faster, allocate loads to our drivers and sub-contractors more quickly, it’s even speeded up the time it takes for POD information to come back to us.

One of the other things we really like about the TMS is how easy it is to separate out sub-contractor work from our own vehicle work using the different Traffic Pads. By keeping the different types of work separate, we can see quickly and clearly what vehicle is doing what, and when.

Mark Beaney, Managing Director
M & H Transport

Nagel Group

The Mandata TMS has changed our business by enabling us to grow.

Having a good TMS with real-time information at your fingertips is vital. It allows us to offer a good service and react quickly to customers’ needs.

Specer Dixon
Nagel Langdon Ltd

Gregory Distribution

The Mandata transport management system has supported the growth of our business over the past twelve years.

Through our strong partnership with Mandata we are continually innovating to improve internal efficiency and implement effective solutions which meet the changing needs of our business and our customers.

Alan Worden
Gregory Distribution

Elddis Transport (Consett) Ltd

Our long-standing relationship with Mandata has been built upon a partnership approach which has seen a continued increase in the range of services we utilise.

The integrated TMS, Scanning, Accounts, Tracking & Telematics and Workshop packages ensures we can access all business critical information at the touch of button.

Richard Toner
Elddis Transport (Consett) Ltd

BCA Logistics

We plan jobs against 1,000+ drivers and that number is growing all of the time. With Mandata’s Traffic Pad we can manipulate drivers and loads dynamically and fluidly whilst managing change effectively throughout the day.

The Traffic Pad gives us greater visibility and it makes the performance of the planner more efficient.  They can see jobs and available drivers and bring them all together to plan and process multiple jobs at a time.

Mo Rahman
BCA Logistics

Waters Waste

Mandata has automated time consuming manual tasks. Being able to print waste transfer notes from the Mandata TMS has saved time and improved accuracy.

The system automatically attaches job documentation to invoices and emails them out to customers. Once a fortnightly activity, invoicing is now a daily routine at Waters Waste and we’ve found customers pay quicker as a result; debtor days have almost halved from 60 – 90 days to 40 days.

Tom Waters
Waters Waste

Drive Direct

We started out with 4 regular customers, 6 drivers and a paper-based manual system.  We now manage over 100 accounts and the Mandata TMS is actively helping us to manage our growth, without having to employ additional staff.

Because of the nature of the business, we found it difficult to find a transport management system which could work for us; but Mandata gave us the option to create bespoke functionality to suit our way of working, and we’ve never looked back.

Simon Rainey
Drive Direct

Chorlton Express

Because the pallet network involves partial loads, where there is one pallet going here, one pallet going there, it would be quite easy to lose sight of what pallet is going where!

But Mandata controls everything, it even helps us to control what freight we put into the pallet network so we can monitor our quantities.  With Mandata, we can keep track of our entire operation at the press of a button.

Lynda Chorlton
Chorlton Express Transport

Freight 44

Before we adopted the Mandata Cloud TMS, the business was entirely run on Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets..  As we grew as a business the volume of administration became far too great, and we found ourselves duplicating information and spending far too much time doing it.

Mandata has mirrored our original working process within the TMS software, to create a system that works with us, and for us. This has given us back a huge chunk of time, which we can now spend developing other aspects of the business.

Richard Chappell
Freight 44

McCluskey Removals

We use the different TMS Traffic Pads to divide work up into our different traffic areas (Northern Ireland, Southern Ireland and UK) and from that, we can see what vehicles are where and exactly where we need to plan more work in, it’s very impressive. Equally, the accounts integration and eInvoicing modules are just amazing, and the POD scanning system has been a god send.

Before we adopted the TMS, I would manually scan the PODs to send to customers each month, and the customers would be on the phone constantly chasing for them, now, every POD is sent out with the correct invoice automatically, we don’t even hear from the customers!

Richard McCluskey
McCluskey Removals

Millett-Kirkham Ltd

TMS Go! enables our planners in particular to see what’s happening across the business on a daily basis.

This helps us to be far more responsive, driving up quality standards in the process. It’s helping our business to adapt and grow in a very fluid and competitive industry sector.

Amy Millett-Kirkham Shaw
Millett-Kirkham Ltd

Plasto-Sac UK

There’s no doubt that Mandata’s system is proving extremely beneficial.

We can track deliveries in real time, checking on the status of a job at the press of a button. I can also see a job’s history – it’s easy to find out where drivers have been. This improves our planning capabilities and saves considerable time.

Pete Bozon
Plasto-Sac Uk


Your staff are very knowledgeable, courteous and helpful. Keep it up. Thank you


Lawsons Haulage

One phone call, problem sorted within 10 minutes. Excellent service.

Lawsons Haulage

NR Evans

Call was handled promptly and the issue resolved, very happy.

NR Evans

WL Vallance Transport

Well done, very quick and very impressive help.

WL Vallance Transport

Woodland Logistics

I found this service I received to be faultless. My issue was resolved within no more than an hour and it was completely hassle-free.

Woodland Logistics

BCA Logistics

As always Mandata support team are knowledgeable of the produce and keen to help.

BCA Logistics

Bradgate Bakery

In my opinion your service was first-class and could not be bettered.

Bradgate Bakery


Kept me informed well, very good service. Was a great help.



The knowledge portrayed and the help given is fantastic. I have never not had my problems rectified in a timely fashion.


TDW Distribution

The information provided in real-time enables us to source any empty trailers and locate units for inspection. In this way, we have been able to review our resources, and identify that we could reduce the whole fleet to run a leaner, smarter operation.

In turn, this has seen a reduction of 10% in trailer numbers. Any savings that this provides is being ploughed back into the business to ensure customers continue to receive the highest level of service.

Robert Williams
TDW Distribution Ltd

Shepherd Distribution Services

“The main way that Mandata helps us to add value to our customer service offering is in giving real real-time information.

Customers can log onto our Customer Portal and see how their job is performing instantly. They’re able to see en route, arrived and when it’s delivered they can see the signature of who’s signed for the job.”

John Parker, Shepherd Distribution Services

“Saves us a significant amount of time”

“The main benefits of using one integrated system is all the information is in the same place. There is one version of the information. We don’t have people having various documents saved on individual computers, and overall it saves us a significant amount of time.”

Ian Elliott, Halcyon Tankers

Katem Logistics

“I would highly recommend Mandata to any haulage company. To be honest I couldn’t imagine working in the industry and not having this software.

The data collection we have, the way we’re able to process things a lot faster now, and a full audit trail on every job. It’s made my life a lot easier and the company’s life a lot easier.”

Cheryl Marley, Katem Logistics

“Saves any manual processing”

With the Manifests App, the electronic proof of delivery is uploaded straight into our Mandata transport management system and we can invoice as soon as goods are delivered. We don’t have to wait until Friday to wait for the trip file to come back. It saves any manual processing.

Cheryl Marley
Katem Logistics

“we’ve proven we can eradicate the need for hard copy delivery notes”

“We have been trying to convince customers for some time to go down the paperless route. Now we’ve proven we can eradicate the need for hard copy delivery notes, this is a major step forward for us. It has demonstrated to us what we already knew, that in this day and age it’s simply not necessary to lump around great wads of paper.”

Bob Milton

“We’ve halved the time that we used to spend on invoicing thanks to Mandata Go”

“Planning has become so much easier being able to have all of the information on one screen. We’ve drastically improved customer experience now since our customers can log into the Customer Portal to access their ePODs immediately but it also saves us so much time for back-office staff waiting to receive and send them attached to invoices.”

Andrew Dunn
KCL Logistics

“It’s not an underestimation to say we simply could not have continued much longer with the way we were running our operations.”

“Not only has Mandata Go helped us to fully automate many of our processes, its saved us so much time due by avoiding duplication of work. Mandata Go allowed us to invoice with ePODs attached, providing an instant solution to handling any historic customer queries.”

Jade Brewster
Estuary Freight Services Ltd

Ian Thompson, Internal Sales Manager

“In my experience the best software companies to work for are those that invest heavily in the people they employ and the products they produce. It’s no surprise that Mandata has lasted more than 40 years helping the transport industry in the UK and beyond. The industry is going through a rapid digital transformation and we’re at the forefront of that – finding new and better ways to help our customers increase their profit margins and improve the services they offer to their clients. Sales can be a tough job, but Mandata has given me the best product on the market to sell – and a clearly defined roadmap to give our customers confidence that we’re not just the right partner now but will also be in the future too. The people we employ across all functions are dedicated to helping our customers succeed – and that’s why I enjoy working at Mandata.”

Ian Thompson
Internal Sales Manager


Manage your frozen and chilled operation with Mandata

At Mandata, we’ve been working with road haulage companies for over 40 years to deliver transport management systems and solutions that add ‘real’ value. Our transport management software solutions and services support your bulk haulage business, simplifying your processes.

  • Orders & Job Entry

    Streamline how you create, receive and price jobs.

  • Planning

    Minimise costs and make the most of your resources as you plan.

  • Job Execution

    Get real-time visibility of your operation. Ensure work is going to plan.

  • POD & Invoicing

    Transform manual proof of delivery and invoicing processes with electronic PODs & email invoicing.

  • Customer Service

    Make it easy for shippers to work with you using integrated web ordering, ePOD and live ETAs

Whether you’ve 3, 30 or 300 vehicles we’ve got a solution for you.

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